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Hi!Do TellI identify as a lover of organization. Little brings me as much joy as a new planner, and what can beat the feeling of a completed to-do list?! I live by a simple philosophy: If I’m going to change the world, I’d better have a nice planner in hand :) Although I already have a Do Tell focused on organization in the archives, I wanted to focus solely on my agenda – when I use it, why I use it, and how you can use similar organization methods yourself.

Before the fun begins, I think it’s important to stress that a paper planner isn’t for everyone – and that’s okay! As I see it, organization is a flexible process, so what works for me now may not last a whole year, and what works for me may not work for you. Apply my tips to your current organizational system and then share your own advice below. I fully believe the first step to organizing your life is finding the right way to do so. Another note: some things are blurred for privacy. I’m happy to chat organization, but I’m not sure if my friends are!

Lilly Pulitzer Planner Wild ConfettiTo begin, I use a Lilly Pulitzer large agenda in the Wild Confetti print. This will be my second school year using one, and I continue to adore the style! I, of course, do my best to take care of it, but the high quality lasts the daily trips to and from school {in other words? I think it’s worth the price}. I prefer the large size, as it’s big enough to fit my daily lists and activities, but not so large that it’s a hassle to carry around.

Inside Cover Lilly Pulitzer PlannerUpon opening, you’ll see multiple pieces taped to the inside cover. On the left is the Overwhelmed Cheat Sheet from Emily Ley’s collection of free downloads; it’s not only good advice, but it’s also an easy way to tone down the busy – and colorful! – cover. On the right, I’ve taped my schedule for the school year, easily made in Powerpoint, above the pocket, and inside the folder, I’ve stashed my collection of Lilly sticky notes. I use sticky notes frequently throughout my day to jot down reminders, bursts of inspiration, or other notes. Finally, you’ll see my daily checklist of blog-related tasks, which includes everything from replying to comments to sending out emails. I like to have it around for reference {if you haven’t already guessed, I write down everything I can, rather than keep it in my head}.

Stickers Lilly Pulitzer PlannerWhen you flip the page, you’ll see a similar set-up, but instead of blog tasks, it’s my daily list of how to prepare for the next school day. Again, I like to have it taped in so I can refer to it as needed. The Lilly Pulitzer agendas also come with stickers, some of which I use to mark holidays on the monthly calendars. Inside the pocket? They’re not pictured, but that is where I store my hall passes. My planner comes with me to each class!

Monthly Calendar Lilly Pulitzer PlannerThe monthly pages are another important feature. I’m involved in a number of activities, from Student Council to various drama productions, so the color-coordinated key is necessary in scheduling meetings and other commitments. I also use the calendar to plan blog posts for the month {you’ll notice I highlight posts if they’re scheduled}, create Doll Mag deadlines, and remembering events with family and friends. Simply put, it’s a LIFESAVER.

Weekly Calendar Lilly Pulitzer PlanenrLast, but not least, are the daily pages. I typically write my to-do list as I eat breakfast {I’m such a morning person}, and I later record homework assignments and deadlines during my school day; I highlight the day’s priorities, and I apply a system taken from Bullet Journaling to organize my checkboxes, similar to the symbols below {Thank you to Decade Thirty for the gorgeous key!}. Sticky notes are used to add any additional information I need to remember or when I need a “brain dump.”

Bullet Journal KeyBesides a good agenda, there are a few other products I recommend when organizing your planner. For writing in my planner, I love the variety of color and thin felt tip of the Papermate Flair Pens. They are inexpensive, they last, and best of all, they don’t bleed through the page! For further fun, I often use washi tape to mark vacations, which you can grab from any craft store or off Etsy.

Do you use a planner? If so, how do you structure it?

Have an amazing Wednesday!

Psst. Pop on over to Lit Up Review today for my first post as a full-time writer! :)


21 thoughts on “Do Tell / Peek into My Planner

  1. Too funny how our posts were so similar! I especially love how you put your sticky notes IN the pocket; I may have to steal that! And the Feeling Overwhelmed checklist is also adorable. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    XOXO Paulina

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  2. :O I have complete planner-jealousy. I buy a diary/planner at the start of every year and I probably use it twice, if that. Maybe if I find a really nice one like you’re got I’ll be more motivated to use it!

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  3. I loved seeing how you organize your planner, Bella! Like you, I use a paper planner that I tote around to all my classes, although it’s just a plain notebook. I really love how colorful your Lilly Pulitzer is! I also use the Bullet Journal system. I love how it’s both organized and simple at the same time. I also use a color coded Google Calendar as well for more long term things, which I love.

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    • Thank you so much, Ana! I really like paper; I use some technology in my organization, like Google Calendar, but I don’t think it will ever fully replace my paper planner. I just discovered Bullet Journaling a few months ago and I LOVE the method! It’s interesting to see how other people use it :) Thanks for commenting!


  4. Oh my lord your planner is so organized I love it. Reading about people’s organization methods is always something I love doing because it’s so interesting and I love learning new ways to allow my organization methods to grow and improve. Love your planner and thank you so much for sharing! :D


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    • Thank you Holly! Bullet journaling is wonderful for any organization addict; I started using it last spring, and I adore the system. Thanks for commenting! :)


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