Font Freebies / 16

Hi friends!

Happy Monday! How are things? Can you believe it’s practically May? I certainly can’t – this semester has flown right by, and it’s now only two short weeks until I return home for the summer. I’m looking forward to reading and blogging galore on my break, but until then, you’ll find me in my favorite study spots (final papers unfortunately don’t write themselves), soaking up the sun with friends, or in rehearsal for my last production of the semester. My first year seems like it will end on an excellent note.

While I have a playwriting assignment awaiting me, I didn’t want the month to go by without a post here on Ciao Bella – and since I haven’t posted a Font Freebies since last summer, the feature is long overdue for another edition! For new readers, the name says it all: the typefaces below are all free for personal use, whether that’s to jazz up a final presentation, to decorate a summer bonfire invitation, or to include in a blog post of your own. I myself am eyeing Cortez and Condition for a few creative projects; I can’t get enough of their clean lines and cool shapes. Are there any fonts you’ve loved as of late?

Font Freebies 16
Gianna / Element 120 / Garage Imperio / Cortez / Condition / Haarlem Sans

The title is in Oliver Quin.

Have a terrific Monday!

Font Freebies / 15

Hello!Font FreebiesHappy Wednesday, friends, and perhaps, more importantly, happy August! How are things? This summer is zipping right along, but I can’t complain: I’ve had my college countdown running for weeks, and my excitement grows with each day! Nevertheless, I still have a few weeks before I move in and attend orientation, so I’m using the next month to round out my dorm purchases, read a few books, and spend time with my close friends before they too begin classes.

With college on my mind, I was filling out my new planner for the academic year when I realized: it’s been several months since I last shared a Font Freebies post! It’s a shame I haven’t posted one sooner, for my font collection has only grown since the winter. For new readers to Ciao Bella, Font Freebies is a feature in which I round up some of my favorite free typefaces to download, as I know I’m not the only one who is a sucker for good type. Whether it’s the playful handwritten design of Peony or the bouncy look of KG She Persisted, I think you’ll find a font below that will fit your late summertime needs! Do you have any recent favorites to share?

Font Freebies 15KG She Persisted / Enie / Lehigh / Peony / MADE Waffle Slab / Nouvelle Vague

The title is in the font Run Wild.

Have the most wonderful day!


Font Freebies / 14


Font FreebiesHappy Tuesday! How is your March coming along? I’m a broken record, but I suppose that’s senior year for you: things are busy, and I’m simply doing my best to soak it all in! This month has me anxiously awaiting the admissions decisions from the colleges I applied to in the fall, but in the meantime, I’m noting cues and running scenes at rehearsal {our school moved on to semi-finals for the second time in a row}, planning our annual senior class fundraiser {I like to think of it as one step closer to graduation!}, and studying with both Ed Sheeran and Khalid in the background {have you listened to Divide or American Teen?}.

In other news, we’re nearly two and a half months into 2017, and I’ve yet to post another edition of Font Freebies! It’s a mistake I hope to remedy today, as I’ve again rounded up a few of my favorite – and free! – font downloads. With scripts to prepare, assignments to complete, and hand-lettering projects to come, I’ve kept a keen eye out  for new typefaces, an effort that has led me to such gems as Fish & Chips, whose “and” symbol and tiny slabs won my heart, and Bambino, whose uniqueness in stroke deserves a worthy use. Have you come across any fun fonts as of late?

Font Freebies 14Fish & Chips / California / Bambino / Cabo Slab / Shave the Whales / DK Spiced Pumpkin

The title is in Winter Calligraphy.

Have a wonderful day!