loving >> week 160

Hello, hello!

Love ListIt’s ironic that shortened weeks feel the longest – these last few days have had me beat! I’m grateful that the weekend has arrived, and I’m even more excited to share this week’s Love List, albeit a few days late. The Love List, a weekly feature around here, last made an appearance in June {Summer Lovin’ took over in July and August, and you can blame my poor post planning for the rest}, so there’s certainly some catching up to do! Here’s what I’m loving this week…

Joy Williams Venus1 ♥ Joy Williams’ Venus I’m one who likes music while working. Some get distracted by the radio, but I’ve found the background noise helps as I write blog posts or work on history homework. For ease, however, I often stick to a group of select favorites: Taylor Swift, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, and Lorde {I’m also one for variety :)}. A new artist I’ve added to my list? Joy Williams, who once sang as part of The Civil Wars, but who has now gone solo with her album, Venus. Released back in the summer, the album shows incredible talent and songwriting variety, and it easily saves Williams a spot in the alternative genre. I’m a big fan, and I aim to make you one as well! Have you heard any of Joy’s songs yet?

Paradox Pastry{via}

 Paradox Pastry One of the best parts of traveling is the food. Discovering locals’ favorite meals and restaurants is part of the adventure, and it was no different of a case when I visited Virginia last month. My family and I stopped at several excellent eateries – my lunch at Citizen Burger was absolutely delicious, and The Bluegrass Grill and Bakery served a tower of delicious pancakes – but my personal favorite was the bakery Paradox Pastry. Though I was already charmed by the tasteful interior and friendly stage, the shop further won me over with its tasty baked goods. We grabbed a Broccoli, Onion, and Chedder Quiche, a Good Morning Muffins, and a bag of various cookies, all of which were as yummy as they sound. If you’re ever in the Charlottesville area, do make a stop!

Vera Bradley Fall 2015

{photos via Inside Stitch}

3 ♥ Vera Bradley’s Fall Line Vera Bradley always seems to be releasing new patterns that I have found it hard to keep up! Nevertheless, their latest batch of prints for the fall, released in late August, are all sorts of cute, and I have my eye on a couple of the new products. First up is Blue Bandana, which blends the Americana color palette with autumnal intensity. I love how easily this pattern can transition between seasons, and the navy blue is so easy to pair with other items. The other new print, Impressionista, is my preferred out of the two, as it appeals to my artful side. The flowers bring an eye-catching combination of color, and they really pop against the bold black background. What are your thoughts on the latest items?

The Design Deck4 ♥ The Design Deck Graphic design is as much about learning the history of typography and rules of layout as it is gaining creative experience. I will always recommend books {I myself have a large stack of graphic design related reads in my room}, but if you’re in need of a new information source, may I suggest purchasing a Design Deck? Created by designer Ben Barrett-Forrest, the deck of cards was created as a “fun and simple way,” as Ben explains on his site, “to learn the essentials of graphic design,” and I couldn’t agree more. I received a set for my birthday in July, and, type fan I am, have read through each card, which have topics that range from the color wheel to the difference between a font and a typeface. Your card games couldn’t be more fun – or well designed!

Boden Warehouse Sale{via the Ciao Bella Instagram – come say hello!}

5 ♥ The Boden Warehouse Sale Finally, my Saturday was well spent at the semi-annual Boden Warehouse Sale! My favorite clothing brand hosts large sample sales throughout the year, two of which are in Boston; every September and February, my mom, sister, and I head to the city for a day of intense shopping among other Boden fans. It’s a fun day for me and an even better day for my wardrobe, as I stock up on a few new pieces for the season {you can see a few of the items I snagged, like the cozy fair isle sweater and dusty pink pullover, above}. I’m fortunate to have made out with so much and to have continued a long-lasting family tradition. Most importantly? I’m ready for that sweater weather to arrive :)

Have a delightful Sunday!


4 thoughts on “loving >> week 160

  1. I love these lists that you make, Bella! You’ve just given me a new artist and album to obsess over. I’m listening to Joy Williams new album right now and I’m already obsessed! Thank you so much!
    xoxo 💋

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