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Hi!Do TellOne of my goals for Ciao Bella this year is to increase my number of discussion based posts; they are fun to read, and as I have quickly learned, fun to write! With goal-setting on everyone’s mind this month, I thought organization would be the perfect topic to kick off my “Do Tell” feature. From homework to blog posts, keeping organized is key for me to get everything done. However, please be warned: you’ll soon see I fill out far too many calendars than the average person! :)

Lilly Pulitzer PlannerLilly Pulitzer Planner: This is only my first school year with a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, but I can already tell I’ll be using one again and again! I use my planner mostly for school assignments and life events, writing everything in with my beloved Papermate Flair pens. I always have my agenda on hand, so if a last-minute homework is given or a student council meeting is planner, I can quickly write it in the weekly or monthly calendars. As with all of my organization methods, it’s color-coded!

PBTeenPB Teen Dry-Erase Calendar: Stuck right above my bed, my PB Teen calendar is more a practice in design than anything else. Little planning goes on with this calendar, but it does serve as a good month-at-a-glance tool. While this month’s calendar is lacking in hand-lettering, I’ve gone all out in previous months if I’m feeling it :)

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar: Google Calendar has become invaluable to me over the past year. My visual-based mind loves the color-coded options, and it’s a terrific resource to pull up while I’m scheduling posts for the week. While I have everything labeled, from television show premieres to play rehearsals, Google Calendar is most helpful for me as I plan blog posts for several months. Not everything I plan for actually happens, but setting goals encourages me to stay ahead.

Printable Calendar{I’ve been using this free printable from Landeelu – it’s pretty and functional!}

Printable Calendar: It’s become a yearly habit of mine to choose a free printable calendar during my winter vacation for year-long use! This is a physical copy of my Google Calendar {If I am really on top of things, I pencil in my workout schedule too}, and I keep it in my room for handy-dandy reference.

WunderlistApps: My apps don’t expand much beyond social media, but there are two organizational ones I couldn’t do without. Google Calendar, of course, is helpful, but when I need my schedule on my phone or iPad, I much prefer the calendar app, Sunrise. Its minimal design and easy-to-use interface works best for me! List-lover I am, the other app I use most is Wunderlist. As I blow through books, I keep a running list of novels I want to review! {Hannah explains Wunderlist in far more depth at So Obsessed With HERE.}

To Do ListTo-Do Lists: My organization love doesn’t stop with calendars – I am a huge fan of to-do lists too! My weekday musts are listed on my free to-do list printable from a few years ago; I just stick it in a plastic sleeve and write on it with a fine-tip dry-erase marker each day. Come the weekend, I use my multi-colored pens to list everything I want to get done on a piece of computer paper. I find it so helpful to have all of my to-do’s in one place!

Let’s discuss! How do you stay organized? Do we share any similar methods? Or are you on the opposite side of the spectrum, staying away from to-do lists and calendars as best you can?

Have an awesome Tuesday!

12 thoughts on “Do Tell / I Heart Organizing

  1. These are great! I use Google Calendar when I’m planning out my blog posts, but sometimes things don’t always get posted, so when I know for sure a post is scheduled for a certain day, I put it in my Barnes & Noble planner. I also use my calendar above my desk to plan things a few weeks and a month in advance, because it’s easy to just flip through and see the dates. I color-code things, too, haha! :)


  2. Bella- in love with your post😍 As you know, I too have and adore my Lilly agenda, and my very own PB teen calendar is on its way! I couldn’t be organized without my labels, which I print out in fun colors and put on absolutely everything. I LOVE storage. Everything from boxes to cubbys to drawers is in use. To keep up with my shopping habits, I use a ribbon board above my desk to pin coupons and promotions {along with inspirational snippets I come across}. Thanks again for sharing! :)

    Xo Paulina


  3. This is so fun! I love all the color you use for organizing. I personally MUST have a calendar for my purse or I would never know where to be. This year, I got the one from A Beautiful Mess (I wouldn’t recommend it–it’s adorable, but terrible quality. The spine of mine broke the first time I opened it!). My yearly calendar must have both the month-at-a-view option and a weekly view option. I recently broke out the washi tape and colored pens and put in all the important dates (that I know of) for the year. I love how colorful it is!


    • It’s such a bummer to hear about the A Beautiful Mess planner – I thought they were so cute! I love pulling out my organization supplies one afternoon each month; like you, my calendars have important dates filled out for the rest of the year :)


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