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The Love ListI’m loving…

The Paradise{via}

1 ♥ The Paradise I consider myself a Downton Abbey fan, but I have to admit that the last season was lost on me. The characters left no impression, I didn’t care for the storyline, and I’ll need a re-watch if I tune into the final episodes next year. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist trying another British period drama {and new Netflix obsession}, The Paradise, and I am hooked. Starring the ever-so talented Joanna Vanderham and Emun Elliott, the show is set in 1875 in the first English department store. In an attempt to prolong my watching of the two seasons that it aired, I am only on Episode Four, but I can already recommend it for its developed storylines and gorgeous production design; hopefully, this high praise holds true into the second season before I move onto Mr. Selfridge, another department store drama. British television is the best.

Displacement2 ♥ Displacement While I love a good illustrated story as much as the next person, I had never considered myself a “graphic novel reader;” however, after thoroughly enjoying Relish, by Lucy Knisley, in January and her newest book, Displacement, just last week, I am quickly seeing the allure of graphic novels. Displacement recounts Knisley’s ten-day cruise trip to the Caribbean with her grandparents and explores the complex, if heavy, themes of mortality, purpose, and fear. The premise may sound depressing, but Knisley demonstrates incredible talent in balancing the deeper threads with humor and thought {her stunning watercolor illustrations are just an added bonus}. Next travelogue, please?!

Ever After3 ♥ Ever After My sister and I hold frequent movie nights – the crafty girls we are, a good film is the perfect background entertainment as we work on our latest creative projects. Our of our recent selections was Ever After, the 1998 Cinderella retelling starring Drew Barrymore and Angelica Huston. I’m surprised I hadn’t seen this classic sooner; it was right up my alley, and I enjoyed it quite a bit! After seeing Disney’s Cinderella in movie theaters a few weeks ago {I adored that film too, not to worry!}, this historically set tale was a fun change of pace and comparing the two afterwards led to some interesting commentary. Have you watched Ever After?

Poncho{the kitty makes my morning}

4 ♥ Poncho / Moment I rarely “seek” out apps, preferring to discover new ones through blogs or on social media. Two of my new favorites were both found through A Cup of Jo, and I have loved using them! Poncho, while not an app, is an email/text service that sends you weather updates daily. As someone who shapes her wardrobe around the weather, I appreciate the convenience, but furthermore, the updates make me laugh – they are entirely welcome when I’ve come to hate the snow. Moment is another brilliant service, tracking your iPhone use on a daily basis. I’m sure I am not the only one who knows they can use their phone too much, so I love that this gives me an accurate measure of how much time I actually spend on it; in other words, it’s a nice wake-up call. What apps have you been loving lately?

Easter Bunny{via Alex T. Smith, one of my favorite artists}

5 ♥ Easter Finally, I’m looking forward to a relaxing Easter weekend with family and friends. This holiday always serves as a nice way to usher in spring, and this year, to be remembered for its never-ending winter, should be no different. The Easter basket goodies just make it all the better :) With that, I wish you the happiest of Fridays!


5 thoughts on “loving >> week 152

  1. I’ve been meaning to check out Displacement after so thoroughly enjoying Relish. I used to read a lot of graphic novels and Relish is definitely one of my favourites!

    Also hello fellow A Cup of Jo lover! Her blog is so adorable. I used to love her mothers around the world series!


    • Ah, yes, A Cup of Jo is the best! I loved reading her mothers around the world posts – they were so informative. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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