loving >> week 154


The Love ListAs I mentioned over on Twitter, it’s TECH WEEK, in all caps because of its long hours and hectic runs. I’m stage managing my school’s spring musical, Shrek, and having a blast doing so, but blogging had to take a backseat to this weekend’s rehearsals. It’s a bit late, but here’s what I’m loving…

Mumford and Sons Wilder Mind1 ♥ Mumford and Sons My music taste is wide-ranging – there are so many bands and artists that I adore! Mumford and Sons, however, has consistently been a favorite of mine, explaining my excitement over their newest album, Wilder Mind. This popular folk rock band is the voice behind the single, “Believe,” {never a day goes by without me hearing it on the radio}, as well as the singles, “The Wolf” and “Snake Eyes.” The album is released tomorrow, so it’s not long before I can hear the rest of the tracks; I’ll need to prep before I see them on their concert tour in June! Do you like Mumford and Sons?

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever2 ♥ The Best Christmas Pageant Ever My sister Lulu loves theater just as much as I do, although her role is often on stage, rather than behind it. However, she followed in my crew-loving footsteps and was a member of the costume team for her school’s one-act play festival entry, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” She and the rest of the cast and crew competed yesterday – they did amazing, as expected – but I attended a family and friends performance earlier in the week. It’s such a cute, heart-warming production, and seeing it has me planning to revisit the book come winter! Have you read or seen Barbara Robinson’s popular holiday story? {And while we’re talking about Lulu, be sure to stop by and say hello to her HERE!}

Cinnamon Butter{I think I will add honey next, like in this recipe.}

3 ♥ Cinnamon Butter Cinnamon butter is not a new recipe by any means, but it sure is a yummy one. Inspired by a recent trip to the breakfast and lunch café, The Farmer’s Daughter, I whipped up a small batch of cinnamon butter, and my family and I have been using it on toast, bagels, and waffles ever since. Of course, you’ll want this tasty spread in your own kitchen; you simply need cinnamon, butter, brown-sugar, and vanilla {as suggested by countless reviewers} and these easy directions. Could breakfast be made any easier – or tastier?! :)

Cakespy4 ♥ Cakespy The easiest way for me to find new sites to read is through other bloggers. Case in point? I stumbled upon Jessie Oleson Moore’s site, Cakespy, other reading about Bakerella’s experience at Ben and Jerry’s. I was instantly a fan. Bright and cheery, Jessie’s posts make my day, and her illustrations couldn’t be any sweeter. As a fellow yoga fan and home baker, I’ll be sure to keep up with the Cakespy posts {and I encourage you to do the same}.

Mr. Selfridge5 ♥ Mr. Selfridge Finally, because I can never get enough of a good period drama, my sister recently introduced me to Mr. Selfridge, another television show set in a bustling department store. Like The Paradise, its former competition and my Netflix obsession, Mr. Selfridge has a variety of storylines – some humorous, some serious, and some romantic – that make for wonderful entertainment. Taking place in the 1910’s, the show follows the life of Harry Gordon Selfridge, a man who grew into a respected figure of the retail industry when he opened his department store, Selfridges. Between school and other commitments, I haven’t had much time to watch past the first few episodes, but I hope to catch up this month! Have you seen Mr. Selfridge?

Have a lovely Sunday!


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