High Five / 02


High Five March 4Are you excited that the weekend has arrived? I sure am! After this tiring of a week, it’s a relief to have nothing but the SATs and Quantico on my agenda; I have sharpened pencils and a graphing calculator prepped for tomorrow and a blanket and bowl of popcorn at hand for Sunday night. Before Friday comes to a close, however, I thought I’d share another round of High Five. If you missed the introduction last week, High Five has replaced my Love Lists – consider it a refresh on the weekly personal series. Do you have any highlights to share?

[1] If I could spend my days studying the work of different modern artists, I’d be one happy camper. Such a day job is unlikely, so for now, I’ll settle for discovering talented illustrators and painters through my favorite design blogs, one of the best being DesignLoveFest. I’ve shared Bri’s desktop download series countless times before, but a recent edition, featuring the art of Manuja Waldia, took my breath away; the quirky scenes are the perfect fit for Manuja’s eye for detail and color. I currently have the island party gracing my laptop and the blue balloon decorating my phone, but any of the six files are equally worthy of a home on my technology. What’s your current desktop background? {If you like to browse, Pop! Goes the Reader is another excellent source of wallpaper designs}.

[2] Pretty backgrounds certainly make writing lab reports and preparing for in-class essays better, but if there’s anything that made my week, it was finding out my school would be moving on in the one-act play festival! We were over-the-moon with excitement when the news was announced at the awards ceremony, even if it did come as somewhat of a shock – the last we had moved on to the semi-final round was in 2012. Since then, the entire cast and crew has been rehearsing, cleaning up various scenes and developing each character further, in preparation for our competition on March 19. Fingers crossed that day proves just as fun – and successful!

[3] When it comes to the movies, I’m a kid at heart. Animated features rank among some of my favorite films, and I’ll take any chance to see a Disney movie, as they never fail to impress, in theaters! As you can then imagine, I’m looking forward to seeing their newest film, Zootopia, tomorrow with my younger sister and good friend. Starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman as Bunny Judy Hopps and Fox Nick Wilde respectively, it sounds all sorts of adorable, and critics seem to agree: NPR claims that “it’s got the cuteness and childlike creativity you expect from Disney, while the story has some real bite for the adults.” Combine a layered, intelligent storyline with imaginative animation, and I’m sold. Do you have any interest in Zootopia?

[4] Another instant daymaker? New Boden clothing, of course! Boden rolled out their summer items earlier in the week, and, per usual, it was a case of love at first sight. A few pieces I’d like to add to my closet: With a number of events and ceremonies lined up for spring, I have my eye on the bright and cheery Tilly Dress, while the floral stunner, the Celeste Dress, comes in at a close second. For more casual occasions, I’d love to own the Pretty Crochet Top and the cool and comfy Jemima Shorts {I seem to have an affection for floral patterns}. Now if only the weather would catch up to speed! :)

[5] Finally, I couldn’t be more excited for fellow Lit Up Review writers and YA enthusiasts Emily, Aneeqah, and Willa, who all recently made an announcement about the podcast they’ve begun, dubbed “A Novel Chat.” As Aneeqah explained in her introductory post, the podcast, released weekly on Monday, will be devoted to all things young adult literature, from book recommendations to trends in publishing. I can’t wait to listen to the first episode on Monday – I don’t think it can get any better than March’s theme of Harry Potter – but in the meantime, I’ll hope you’ll stop by each of their blogs HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Have the most wonderful weekend!

5 thoughts on “High Five / 02

  1. Lovely! I am adoring this new segment on your blog. While I love Love Lists, I think this is just as wonderful. I haven’t really had my eye on Zootopia, but I might have another look. I’ve been so mesmerised over Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to be perfectly honest!
    Great post.


  2. I have to mirror the previous commenter’s thoughts and say I love this new feature! It’s like your Love Lists but more personalized, which makes it even better. I’m sure you rocked the SAT this morning, and congratulations on your theatre accomplishments. I wish I lived closer and could see one of your plays – I admire all your techie skills. And thanks so much for the A Novel Chat shoutout! I’m so glad you’re excited, and I hope you aren’t as put off by the sound of my voice as I am, haha.


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