loving >> week 147


The Love ListHappy weekend, friends! I apologize for the late Love List, but here’s what I’m loving this week…

The Duff1 ♥ The DUFF Kody Keplinger seems like a pretty amazing author; she wrote the bestselling young adult novel, The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend, as a senior in high school and has since gone on to write four more praised novels with another novel to release this spring. She now has another thing to be proud of, as her debut is hitting the big screen next week! I have yet to read Keplinger’s books {They are my TBR list, I promise}, but I am excited to check out the movie starring Mae Whitman and Bella Thorne. While the title had me wary at first, reviews have promised a film that looks to crush stereotypes and promote body acceptance – what could be better than that?! Have you read The DUFF or plan to see the film adaptation?

Tomboy{via Liz Prince}

2 ♥ Tomboy My year of reading graphic novels continues with my third find: Tomboy, by the talented illustrator and engaging author, Liz Prince. With a long list of glowing reviews to back its well-deserved reputation, I was super-duper excited to find a copy at my local library and managed to devour it only days after getting it. The young adult genre is lacking in graphic novels, so finding an honest and humorous gem like Prince’s work is always a plus. Her story was a refreshing change of pace to read, and I highly recommend it!

Oh Happy Day Goldfish3 ♥ Valentine’s Day I think Valentine’s Day is such a cheery holiday. I adore acknowledging those closest to me, and even with nothing planned, there are still dozens of ways to add some festive fun to your day! While it’s too late for me to share my favorite Valentine’s Day crafts, I couldn’t let Oh Happy Day’s creative and punny cards go by without a shout-out. My favorite Valentine? The adorable goldfish card.

Love Lust or Run{via The Jewish Lady}

4 ♥ Love, Lust, or Run As a longtime fan of TLC’s What Not to Wear, I was overjoyed when I heard of Stacy London’s new show, Love, Lust, or Run. Her new makeover program premiered in January, but it escaped my notice until earlier this week! I only had the chance to watch one episode, but I can already tell it will satisfy my What Not to Wear withdrawal. While it will never be the same with Clinton Kelly’s absence, Love, Lust, or Run shares in its predecessor’s charm. And at just under thirty minutes, I’ve found it’s a perfect television treat for snow days, sick days {stomach bugs are no fun}, and weekday nights – there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

February Break{source unknown}

5 ♥ February Break Finally, today begins my week-long February break, a welcome and long-anticipated vacation in the dead of winter! Although I may have spent just as much time at home as in school this past month due to the snow, I’m excited to use this planned vacation time to catch up and recharge before finals hit in March. I have Cress in my reading pile, a few Fosters episodes to watch, one-act festival rehearsals to attend, and of course, the Book Blogger Love-a-Thon at the end of the week :) What are you using your long weekend or break to do?

Have a lovely Saturday!


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