Eye on Art / 04


Eye on ArtI love putting together my Eye on Art posts, as it gives me the best excuse to research some of my current favorite artists! Inspiration is an important part of the creative process, and I can’t think of a better way to start your best creative work than finding talented artists for motivation. The three illustrators and typographers below have proven their skill again and again, and I promise one look through their portfolio will have you rushing to your own paints, markers, and pastels. What artwork have you been loving lately?

Tad CarpenterBright, colorful, and happy illustrations always win me over, so you can imagine my grins when I look through Tad Carpenter’s portfolio. His saturated use of color is a perfect match for his youthful, whimsical artwork; I can certainly see why his picture books are such a success with younger audiences. While I would be happy to have any of these adorable prints on my wall, the school-themed clipart is too cute for words and my personal favorite! {website}

Valerie McKeehanChalkboard artists never cease to impress me; it takes a lot of talent to produce such stunning typography on a school supply staple! Valerie McKeehan, founder and artist at Lily and Val, is a master in this field, as you can see in some of her gorgeous prints above. Whether it’s a floral greeting card for Valentine’s Day or a cheery print for apartment owners, any of her artwork would be welcome in my home. As a both a baker and font lover, however, I choose McKeehan’s illustrated recipes, such as the Chocolate Mousse example, as my favorites in her collection. {website}

Peter EmmerichFinally, if Peter Emmerich’s artwork seems familiar, it’s for a good reason: he has long worked as an illustrator for Disney. His distinct character expressions and well-rendered homages of pop culture icons are what first led me to his portfolio, and I have not stopped looking through it since. Emmerich’s print of Hermione is adorable, but I think my favorite out of the round-up above is the illustration of fashion forerunner, Coco Chanel. {website}

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