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I’m loving…



I’m really late with posting this, but with my Hunger Game love list last week, this was as soon as I could post it. Sitara is one talented stop-montioner! {just pretend that’s a word} Really. Her work is OUTstanding, and I am amazed every.single.time I watch it. Her latest video is called “Masquerade”, and it is a short love story. Using gorgeous dresses and custom dolls, along with a detailed set, it follows Alexander and Eudocia as they fall in love. Even better, Sitara has started to blog again. She was one of the few AG blogs I truly loved, so I am happy to see another blog up and running!

mirror, mirror

Has anyone else found that Hollywood is becoming more and more populated with young, stylish actresses? Lily Collins impressed me with her performance in Abduction, so I was delighted to see her starring in another movie! Snow White is quite popular, also appearing later this spring in Snow White and the Huntsmen, but each movie goes in a totally different direction. Mirror, Mirror came out in theaters today, and unlike the other Snow White flick, this one looks perfect for the entire family. A spring break activity perhaps?

melody valerie’s summer 2012 line “sunrise”

In past years, Melody Valerie’s summer lines have always been my favorites. Whether it was the gorgeous dresses in summer 2009, the stripe-filled 2010 collection or the blue pieces in 2011, I look forward every year for their release. Like the fall, I probably won’t be able to buy anything, {they are on the pricey side and they sell out in a matter of hours} but I love swooning over the pieces. Based on the name,  I expect the collection to be filled with plenty of warm oranges and corals, but MVC could fool me wrong. Could 10 am come any sooner?

these april fool’s day cookies

I don’t do pranks. I don’t pull them, nor do I like being pranked. I always that teeny tiny fear that someone is going to play trick on me on April 1st ;) Anyhoo, this Sunday is the first day of April, {it’s coming so quickly} so it’s appropriate that Sweet Sugarbelle posted these fun pizza cookies. Clearly, they are desserts, and not actual pizza, but I love the idea of using them as a friendly prank on a friend. No harm and embarrassment done. If you need even more ideas for April Fool’s Day, Callye rounded up a few other ideas at the bottom of her post that are sure to grab your attention.


getting my braces off! 

It has been a long two years, friends. I am SO very happy with my lovely smile :)

I am seeing The Hunger Games again! How’s that for a perfect Friday?

Bella :)

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