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Hi!Top Ten TuesdayThis week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic {hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish} was a blast to work on. Just in time for back to school, we were prompted to list the ten characters that we want to sit with at lunch. While I had initially worried I wouldn’t come up with enough characters for my lunch table, once I started, I couldn’t stop! However, I think my final ten is a good mix of personalities and interests. Just for fun, I’ve included lunch boxes that coordinate with each cover, because why not?! :) Who would you invite to sit at your fictional lunch table?

CallieThere are few theater techies in YA, so I took note of Callie when I read Drama by Raina Telgemeier! I imagine we would have a blast discussing stage cues for the school musical over lunch. {review | lunch box}

HarperHarper Price and I clicked from page one. We are very much alike, so I figured we would have no trouble talking class president secrets and fashion tips during our lunch block! {review | similar lunch box}

EmmaEmma already feels like an old friend, as I’ve grown up with The Mother Daughter Book Club series! She is an ideal friend for any book lover, having seemingly read every book under the sun, so sharing our latest reads would be an everyday occurrence. {series review | lunch box}

Lara JeanLara Jean made my list because she {and the rest of her family, for that matter} know how to cook! The mouth-watering descriptions of her family dinners indicate that food swaps would be happening daily at this fictional lunch table. {review | lunch box}

KatTraveling the world is nothing more than a dream of mine at the moment, but Kat has actually seen it all with her lifestyle! If she were at my lunch table, I could ask her all of the questions I want about the places she’s visited. {review | lunch box}

PaytonPayton is a girl who loves a good planner and list, so we’re already set up to be fabulous friends! The two of us could geek out over our color-coded to-do lists while eating :) {review | lunch box}

LouiseI love someone with a great sense of style, and Louise obviously knows how to put together an outfit! Although her wardrobe is mostly vintage, and mine is more Boden and J.Crew, we could still offer each other great shopping and closet advice. {series review two and three | lunch box}

HermioneI am totally cheating here because my Harry Potter knowledge is limited to the movies only {Book One will happen soon, promise!}, but how could I not include Hermione?! With our smarts combined, studying for last period’s test would be a breeze. {lunch box}

GigiJust looking at the title of Sarah Strohmeyer’s YA debut will give you an idea of Gigi’s personality. She would be a lovely addition to the lunch table; we could talk everything from academic pressure to good television! {review | lunch box}

AmyFinally, Amy is witty, entertaining, AND a reader, so I believe there would be little difficulty in us getting along. She also gets into playwriting and theatrical productions later in the book, so she too could provide input on the school musical! {review | lunch box}

Have a terrific day!


*Blogging FYI: I keep meaning to mention a few new changes to my blogging schedule! As I go into my new school year, I will not be posting on the weekends; this will hopefully let me focus on school, extracurriculars, and family and friends. I have also been trying to schedule my posts at 9 am EST, but on Top Ten Tuesday days, the post will go live at 6 am EST. Thanks, friends!

loving >> week 128


The Love ListI’m loving…

Drawing Type: An Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms1 ♥ Drawing Type: An Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms I received Drawing Type yesterday as a birthday present, and even after reading just the first chapter, I can tell you it’s worth getting for yourself {in other words, it’s a must if you too are a budding graphic designer}. Whether you’re in need of gorgeous typography inspiration or if, like me, you want to master the art of “illustrating letterforms,” Drawing Type explores it all. My favorite part is reading the thought process behind the different pieces included, all done by various graphic designers, although I also can’t wait to try my hand at the exercises in the back of the book. Easily recommended!

Providence Coal-Fired Pizza2 ♥ Providence Coal-Fired Pizza I like to feature local restaurants, bakeries, and cafés whenever I can, so I couldn’t let this week’s Love List go by without mentioning Providence Coal-Fired Pizza! It was the perfect spot for a birthday lunch, and I know I {and my sister} would love to go back. We enjoyed the Margherita Pizza, in case you want to check it out as well.

Mean Girls3 ♥ Mean Girls My good friend was appalled that I hadn’t seen Mean Girls, so we made a goal to watch it together sometime this year. I finally saw it this week, and I now understand many of the quotes behind it! :) However, I’ve been warned to stay away from Mean Girls 2, so perhaps I will just watch the first one again instead.

Boden Fall 2014 Line4 ♥ Boden’s Autumn 2014 Line Boden’s release days are some of my most favorite times of the year! :) I had been eagerly awaiting this past Monday, as that was the day Boden would roll out their fall items; thankfully, the line didn’t disappoint. There’s so much that I LOVE, but my four favorite pieces are shown above! In the top left is the Matilda Dress, which has both a cute silhouette and a stylish pattern. On the top right is the Embellished Scoop Neck Tee, which I am convinced would look fantastic with a cream lace skirt {Right?!}. Continuing clockwise is the Toggle Coat, which I adored the second I saw it, but, sadly, is a bit too expensive. Finally, I picked out the Clara Sweater. I like the color the best of all – I’m sure the bright flecks are pretty in person!

Lilly Pulitzer Trippin and Sippin Planner5 ♥ My Lilly Pulitzer Planner! Last, but not least, I received a Lilly Pulitzer agenda yesterday {first featured on my b-day wishlist here}, and I absolutely adore it! I’ve already started filling in blog posts to schedule, my school calendar, and other events with my favorite colorful pens. Do you own anything from Lilly Pulitzer?

Have a wonderful start to your weekend!


loving >> week 126


The Love ListI’m loving…

Badminton1 ♥ Badminton We set up our badminton net a few weeks ago, and ever since, I’ve been playing quite a bit! I’m still honing my serves, but I love it as a summertime activity :) Despite my lack of playing for a few years, it’s easy to get back into; I say try it out just for fun.

Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese2 ♥ Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese I am very late to the food truck trend, but for my first time, Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese was an excellent choice! My mom, sister, and I spent our day out in Boston, and after wandering around the city, nothing was better than a delicious sandwich {followed up by ice cream, of course}. If you’re ever in the area, Roxy’s is perfect for lunch. More importantly, do you have a favorite food truck?

Citrus and Mint3 ♥ Citrus and Mint Finding any quality free clipart and fonts can make my day, so you can imagine my excitement when I found the gold mine of freebies over at Citrus and Mint! From colorful scrapbook paper backgrounds to well-designed clip art, I am in complete LOVE. I’ve already bookmarked the site for future reference, and I recommend checking it out for yourself as well.

Green Day's American Idiot4 ♥ American Idiot Seeing musicals and plays, whether on a professional stage or in a school auditorium, is one of my favorite things to do, so I jumped at the chance to see a local production of American Idiot next week. I’ll be attending on opening night, and if the buzz from my friends that are involved is any indication, it’s going to be an outstanding show. Have you ever seen American Idiot? I have heard that it is fairly dark; I’m curious to see what it is all about! :)

Clarisse's Closet Vintage Pretties5 ♥ Clarisse’s Closet’s Vintage Pretties Line Finally, Clarisse’s Closet remains one of my favorite doll blogs, and regular blogs for that matter, so I was happy to see that she released a new line of historical outfits in her Etsy shop yesterday. I’m still debating over whether or not I should buy one of the ensembles still for sale {my favorite is shown above}, but, as I’ve always said, online browsing is almost as fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!