Picture Perfect / 06


Picture PerfectHow are you? Anything new and fun to share? I miss posting on a more regular basis – and it’s my hope that the calendar comes together again in the fall – but I truly can’t complain: summertime so far has been all sorts of wonderful. Before I head out on today’s day trip, yet another college tour, I thought I’d whip up an edition of Picture Perfect in belated celebration of National Ice Cream Day. If you’re new to the feature, not to worry: Picture Perfect is simply an opportunity to group objects around a particular photograph, as in today’s ice cream and nautical related items. I think it pleases the arts and shopping lover in us all!

Picture Perfect 06{via}

I’m drawn to sun-drenched images these days like a moth to a flame {blame the summer-loving mindset}. It’s no wonder, then, that I felt a photo from Julia’s recent trip to the pier was so fitting for July; with boats in the background and dripping ice cream in hand, the stylish fashion blogger, who showcases her wardrobe daily on Gal Meets Glam, shows a day trip done right. I don’t share the same funds for shopping as Julia, but I nevertheless took delight in picking out objects, from a quirky coin purse to a classic floppy hat, to match the themes of the image. Do any of the objects catch your eye?

Picture Perfect 061 ◊ The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson from Amazon

2 ◊ High Summer Collection Ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

3 ◊ Expand Your Horizons Cruise Ship Coin Purse from Kate Spade

4 ◊ The Way, Way Back from Amazon

5 ◊ Factory Trim Pocket T-Shirt in Gentle Sea from J.Crew Factory

6 ◊ Aerie Floppy Knit Hat in Soft Muslin from American Eagle

7 ◊ Ice Cream Print from Old English Company

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Picture Perfect / 05


Picture PerfectWe could argue for hours on the benefits and disadvantages of our social-media-dominated society, but I think one thing is for certain: the rise of Pinterest, Instagram, and the like has deepened the appreciation for all things visual. It may seem superficial, sure, and I’m biased, I admit, as I adore graphic design, but nevertheless, I love filling my feeds with items pleasing to the eye {in other words: curating images sounds like my type of fun}. With art on the mind and spring in full force, it seemed like an opportune time to share yet another round of Picture Perfect, a feature that fulfills my love of photography and shopping as I group things around a particular photo.

Picture Perfect 05{via}

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers; always one to look ahead, I was drawn to the work of James Fitzgerald III in a Kinfolk article from a few years back. Flowers make for gorgeous photographs, and this here was no exception; the vivid palette and garden narrative have me wishing for a trip to the Adelman Peony Gardens in Oregon where the shoot took place. While I won’t be hopping on a plane anytime soon, that didn’t stop me from searching for items that fit the photo’s romantic vibe and the beauty of the pink blooms, ending in a collection with everything from a periwinkle camera to a floral-covered classic. What’s your favorite object of the bunch? :)

Picture Perfect 051 ◊ Literary Tote Bag from Obvious State

2 ◊ Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera in Blue from Amazon

3 ◊ Bear Floral Sketch from Kari Herer

4 ◊ Factory Twill Parka in Coastal Pink from J.Crew Factory

5 ◊ The Age of Adaline from Amazon

6 ◊ Paper Peonies from A Petal Unfolds

7 ◊ The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides from Amazon

Have a lovely Monday!

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Picture Perfect / Paperless Post Edition


Picture PerfectDid you have a good week? I’m bummed my school vacation has come to an end so quickly, but I can’t complain: I still have a weekend of fun activities to enjoy! I’ll be fitting in another book {or three}, a laid-back movie night {fingers crossed Waitress comes in at the library}, and yet another one-act rehearsal {only a week until we compete!}. Fridays are typically reserved for Love Lists here at Ciao Bella, but when the creative minds over at Paperless Post reached out with a post idea, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. Think of it as February’s twist on Picture Perfect, the regular feature where I collect items that pair with a particular image – this time, though, it’s not photography we’re chatting, but invitations.

Paperless Post InvitationsPaperless Post provides both online and paper stationary for all of your celebration needs, so naturally their invitation designs are top-notch. With options ranging from the colorful to the monochromatic, the playful to the dramatic, they have something for everyone – particularly those celebrating their birthdays! I picked only a small sample from the vast selection, but I was drawn to the three invites above for the same reason: they each use typography and composition effectively. Where they differ, however, is in the mood they present, a fact I took advantage of as I planned parties around the designs; think an exciting, confetti-filled bash versus a quiet, rustic affair. While I may never have a party like the ones below, putting together the collections pleased the aesthete in me all the same. Have you ever used Paperless Post? {If you haven’t, take a peek at their entire birthday collection

Confettiinvite: Kate Spade Birthday Baronial | Giant Round Confetti Balloon | Happy Birthday Girl Talk Headband | Chocolate Cake | Fun Balloons | Wish Paper | Push-Pop Confetti
Neutralinvite: Painted Circle Invitation | Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Whipped Cream and Raspberries | Festive Happy Birthday Banner | Black and White Marble Balloons | Natural Garland Kit | Gold Lace Place Cards | Graphite Lace Gift Wrap

Rainbowinvite: Birthday Essentials | Mini Chocolate Cakes | Full Garland Turquoise | Rainbow Beeswax Candles | Happy Birthday Balloon Set | Bright Lab Rainbow Lights | Photobooth Printable Accessories

Have a delightful weekend!

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