Blog Policies

First of all, thank you so much for thinking of me! Please read my policies below, and then contact me at misschicandpetite[@]gmail[dot]com. I do my best to respond to emails/comments as quickly as possible, but please understand that as a student, my school and personal obligations come first.

Review Copies

I am happy to consider your review request! Take a look at my past reviews to get a general idea of the types of books I enjoy reading and how my reviews are structured. Some of my favorite genres include…

  • Young Adult and Middle Grade Contemporary
  • Young Adult and Middle Grade Mystery
  • Young Adult and Middle Grade Historical Fiction
  • Middle Grade Fantasy
  • Non-fiction

Please note that I will generally say no to self-published or adult novels. I am open to both physical and e-copies of books.

I will do every effort to post my review in a timely manner.


Giveaways are easy and free, promote your brand, and let me thank my readers – win-win all around, yes?! I will choose giveaways based on their relativity to Ciao Bella content, and I will attempt to post them in a timely manner.

Thank you so much for taking these into consideration! :)


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