Week in Brief / 03

Keep Families TogetherI know I am not alone in expressing my anger and sadness about this week’s news cycle. While I am disheartened by the US government, I am motivated by the actions of others to resist the horrific policies against children and their families. I donated to The Florence Project; if you’re looking to give as well, here are a few other organizations who would benefit from financial support: ActBlue, Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, ACLU, and RAICES (and if you haven’t already, please consider calling your state representatives and participating in one of the many demonstrations planned next weekend).

In other news, I’m excited for the theatre season to finally kick off this week – our first show (a wildly funny production of The Pirates of Penzance) opens on Tuesday, and from the small glimpses I’ve had of rehearsals, I’m certain audiences will love it too. The stage manager in me misses being in the rehearsal space more frequently, but I have found it so fun to connect people to theatre and connect with people through theatre over in the box office. What fun.

A few other things that have brightened my week:
+ I’ve been making my way through the second season of Queer Eye – like my other reality TV comfort, The Great British Bake-Off, the Fab Five never fail to make me smile (let’s fangirl together).

+ I’ve listened to “Big God” and “Apesh*t” about a million times at this point. I don’t think I will ever get over the talent of Florence and Beyoncé.

+ I’ve enjoyed my visits to Coffee Obsession over the past few weeks. I love me a coffee shop that makes you want to curl up and read a book, cup of tea in hand. If you’re in the area, do make a stop.

How was your week?

Psst. I’ve had a Providence Travel Guide in the works for a while now, but only last week was I able to wrap it up! I’m hoping to add pictures and more suggestions in the near future, but should you need any PVD recs, I’ve listed all of my current favorites HERE.

{Picture: Keep Families Together screen print by Pete Railand}


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