Eye on Art / 20

Hi friends!

How are you? How are things? I think we can both agree: it has been far too long since I last posted here. This semester has been a whirlwind of good things, but I’m grateful to be home, however briefly, for my spring break. Since Brown schedules the vacation so late, I’m keeping it quiet: a few days to plan out remaining assignments and applications, the chance to see friends who are home for Easter, and a day trip into New York to see Hamilton (!!!) for the weekend.

I’ll also be using this week to catch up on reading and blogging – my pile of library books and folder of post drafts seem to grow by the day! I’ve had this edition of Eye on Art in the works for a month now, so I’m delighted that I’m finally able to share it. These three artists work nothing short of magic with their chosen materials, be it paper, colored pencil, or paint, and seeing their portfolios has me itching to return to the studio. As I browse art class possibilities, let me ask: are there any artists you’ve been crushing on as of late?

Lorraine NamTo kick things off, I think it’s hard to look at the work of paper artist Lorraine Nam and not smile. While her well-picked color palettes are worthy of note alone, I can’t get over her deftness with scissors and paper, through which she creates entire worlds. I suppose it’s a testament to her eye for small details – the mini trailer! the bookshelf! the tattoos! – that I can look at her pieces and find something new to admire every time.

I first came across Lorraine’s art when it graced the cover of Country Living (see it here), but I continue to follow it through her Instagram; it’s such a colorful highlight of my feed, and I love the small glimpses into her artistic process. Her recent project for International Women’s Day ranks as my current favorite, but let’s be honest: if I could see any of these in person, I’d be a happy camper. {website}

Natalie FossCall it a habit: I love to take note of the artists whose work appears in the pages of a magazine. I do it with Country Living, but I also do it with Entertainment Weekly, where I fell in love with a piece from Norwegian illustrator Natalie Foss. It took only a brief look at her portfolio before I was calling myself a full-fledged fan. How could I not? Her work is outer-worldly, captivating, and, most impressively, drawn entirely in colored pencil.

There’s no doubt that her portraits, with their soulful expressions, are amazing, but what I’m drawn to most is actually the star-dusted hands, shown above. As my studio class has proven to me this semester, hands can be harder to draw than they look, but Natalie makes it look effortless. That in mind, can I have a print of my own? {website}

Anna HoyleFinally, if you like art that makes you chuckle, look no further than Anna Hoyle’s portfolio of paintings. Based in Melbourne, Anna showcases a punchy sense of humor and a bright use of color in her series, aptly titled “Books.” Though they remind me of a retro age, the paintings are a response to the intersections between books and modern media. As she says, “A lot of the books I paint are the kind of ridiculous or absurd things that you might want to look up on the internet. They are kind of follies.”

If you weren’t already in love, Anna isn’t limited to book paintings, as she also boasts a wide collection of ink drawings and other illustrations. Nevertheless, my heart remains with her silly, satirical illustrations. I want them to line my (admittedly, imaginary) home library walls. {website}

Have a wonderful start to your week!

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