Birthday Wishes 2017

Hi friends!

Birthday Wishlist 2017Happy July! How was your weekend? Have you been soaking up the summer sun? If the long lines at the ice cream shop and the heavy morning humidity are any indication, summer has officially arrived, and with this new month comes festive fireworks, plenty of watermelon, and, of course, my birthday! In keeping with Ciao Bella tradition, I’m popping in to share the items that made my wishlist this year. Let it be no surprise, that it is, as always, heavily made up of books.

Before the fun begins, these posts are made with no expectation of receiving everything—the online browsing is fun enough as it is!

[1] HAIM: Something to Tell You I have been a fan of California-born girl band HAIM ever since I stumbled upon their single “The Wire” years ago. As much as I enjoy their first LP, however, I’ve been anxious for the release of Something to Tell You, their sophomore album that is said to echo the pop-rock classics of decades past. I’ll be streaming the tracks on Friday, no doubt, but I would also appreciate having a CD on hand in the car.

[2] Land of Nod Daisy Throw Pillow The cinder block walls and sparse furniture of college dorm rooms call for some personalization, or so I like to tell myself as I shop on end for art prints and throw pillows! With a color palette chosen and a vision in mind, I’m asking for a few things to round out my dorm room design, one of which is this daisy pillow from Land of Nod.

[3] Their Finest When it comes to summer movie nights, I’m not one for action-packed blockbusters—give me a historical picture or a touching coming of age over a superhero story any day. With that in mind, the recent film Their Finest seemed right up my alley, highlighting the work done by two scriptwriters for British propaganda pieces during World War II. I missed it when it hit theaters, but I’d love to fit in a viewing before I head off to school.

[4] Twist by Martha Collison Given how often and how highly I speak of Mel, Sue, and Mary, it’s no secret that I am a proud Great British Bake-Off fan {I often joke that there’s no more “Bella” of a show on television}. Series Five participant Martha remains one of my favorite contestants to have entered the tent, so I would be giddy with excitement to receive the US edition of her cookbook Twist. Doesn’t the cover alone make you hungry?

[5] If Birds Fly Back by Carlie Sorosiak I can never wrap my head around how quickly time seems to pass. Case in point: I wrote about the novel If Birds Fly Back, back in January, and though it feels like just yesterday, it has already hit shelves! My interest in the book hasn’t diminished since then, with no thanks to early reviews that praise the two main characters and the writing of debut author Carlie Sorosiak. I can’t wait to have a copy of my own.

[6] The Future is Female Tee I love me a good graphic tee as much as the next person, but a shirt is all the better when it shares an important message. I’ve been eyeing Otherwild’s famous “Future is Female” tee for several months now, but I haven’t managed to actually purchase one in that time. Here’s hoping my birthday brings one to my wardrobe, serving as a visual reminder to stand up and do my part.

[7] All This and More Print I may want a few pillows for my new bed, but for the dorm walls, I’ve bookmarked printables, posters, and prints galore. On that list is a piece from a favorite artist of mine, Jessica Hische, whose work—and career!—I’ve admired for ages. The retro letterforms of her “All This and More” print are stunning and will no doubt please the graphic designer in me, day in and day out.

[8] Vera Bradley Iconic Campus Deluxe Backpack Another item I hope to have on hand before heading off to college is a new backpack, for, as my mom likes to say, entering a new school is as good of an occasion as any to purchase one. My Vera Bradley Campus Backpack held up well throughout high school, but this time around, I couldn’t help but fall for the gorgeous “Falling Flowers” pattern from their autumn collection, no pun intended.

[9] Stationary Fever by John Z. Komurki Finally, few things make me as excited as new school supplies or a good book {I’m easily pleased}. Put them together, and I’m one happy camper, as was certainly the case when I came across the book Stationary Fever, an informative volume that chronicles the history of office supplies. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I myself look forward to reading about the items that make up my favorite stationary shops.

For my American readers, enjoy the Fourth! For everyone else, have a lovely Monday.



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