The Summer List // 2017


The Summer List 2017{via}

Happy Friday! What’s up for your weekend? I have graduation parties galore, ice cream to scoop, and plans to wrap up Grace and the Fever before it’s due at the library. Before that fun, however, I wanted to share my sixth {!!!} summer list, an annual Ciao Bella tradition in which I list my goals for June, July, and August. While it’s always written in good fun, I like that it provides some direction for the summertime. What do you hope to do over the next few months?

Read 40 Books First, it’s not a summer list without some sort of reading goal! Though the numbers are never my primary focus, I’m still aiming to read forty books over the next few months. It’s ambitious, perhaps, but with so many good novels at my fingertips – The Pearl Thief, When Dimple Met Rishi, and Be True to Me – can you blame me?

Prepare My Dorm Room My orientation isn’t until September, but if there’s one thing I can do over the summer in preparation for college, it’s plan my dorm room design! With a color palette already in mind, I’ll be on the lookout for the artwork, bedding, and supplies needed to decorate my new home.

See a Musical or Play As a proud theatre fan, this one should be no challenge: my mom, sister, and I are counting down the days until we see Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 in New York City; I’ll be helping out with my community theater’s summer show Smokey Joe’s Cafe in July; and I have my eye on a production of Romeo and Juliet being performed throughout the summer. Needless to say, I can’t wait.

Bake with Peaches Peaches, I feel, are a symbol of summer, and so, it’s a shame I haven’t baked with them more! Thankfully, my favorite food bloggers have numerous recipes for me to choose from after a trip to the grocery store. Doesn’t this Crispy Peach Cobbler look delicious?

Finish Jane the Virgin CW has produced many a gem: iZombieCrazy Ex-Girlfriend, and, of course, the hilarious and delightful Jane the Virgin. After a spring of Monday night rehearsals and work shifts, I’ve fallen behind in the show’s third season, so I’m hoping my time at home provides me the chance to catch up with Jane, Rafael, and the other lovable characters.

Go to an Art Museum With a number of notable art museums in the New England area, I don’t think the problem will be making the trip, I think it will be deciding on which one! Whether it’s the Clark, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, or the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, it’s a day trip I hope I can make.

Hand Letter Each Week I had been pondering what artistic project I wanted to tackle this summer when I came across my old sketchbooks from art class, where I had hand-lettered the titles of the books I read that winter. I plan to do the same this summer, as I think it will be a fun way to keep my hand-lettering skills sharp and display my love of books. In other words? A win-win all around.

Create a Photo Album Finally, I’d like to compile the photos from my senior year in a photo book! I created albums earlier in the school year as Christmas gifts for my close friends, but now that I have so many pictures from prom, graduation, and the like, I think a second book will be in order.

Have a lovely day, and an even better weekend! :)



4 thoughts on “The Summer List // 2017

  1. I have been on Summer Break since May 12th. I have started my sixth book just a couple days. Every summer, I always hope I get to see a musical live, but have a feeling that may not happen this summer, but I prefer seeing musical live than in the movie theatre

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  2. i love reading about people’s plans for the summer bc they get me so excited to start brainstorming plans for my own! i think finishing jane the virgin is also going to be on my list bc i have fallen behind so much – i’m only on ep 4 of the third season! also love your goals of reading, lettering and baking AND your art museum goal! my local museum currently has a georgia o’keeffe exhibit…i haven’t gone yet but am hoping to go before it ends. and ahhhh you already have a colour scheme for your dorm??? i have not thought about dorm designing at all yet yikes.

    anyway, hope you have a great summer & good luck with these goals! :)

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    • Doesn’t Jane the Virgin rock?! And a Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit! How neat – I hope you get to see it :)

      And yes! I love dorm decorating. I’m doing black, cream, and lots of colorful accents. Haha, it’s a fun time!


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