High Five / 11


high-five-11Happy Friday! How are things? I myself am excited that the weekend has arrived – I was just discussing with my family that the school week was shorter, but getting back into the swing of things made it feel far longer. Thankfully, with a calculus test moved to Monday and no other assessments on the agenda, I’m easing right into the weekend: I’m seeing friends in a production of 13; I plan to wrap up the wonderful The Upside of Unrequited; and I hope to catch the next installment of Sherlock after watching The Golden Globes.

All that said, it’s been far too long since I last shared a High Five, so I figured no better time than the new year to start the feature up again! What made your week?

[1] First, while I have been devouring quite a few novels off my bookshelf over the past week or so, I also have slowly been savoring the interviews included in In the Company of Women, a collection compiled by the founder of Design*Sponge, Grace Bonney. I’ve been crushing on the book for months, and so, I was over the moon with excitement when one of my best friends gifted it to me for Christmas, and, fortunately, it didn’t disappoint. Featuring over one hundred different entrepreneurs, artists, and designers {including some of my personal favorites like blogger Joy Cho, illustrator Julia Rothman, and the one miss Tavi Gevinson} of various backgrounds, races, and ages, the book touches upon a number of topics, everything from insight on the creative process to early business advice. I’m only about halfway through right now, but I have a feeling this is a book I’ll be turning to again and again. Have you read In the Company of Women?

[2] I love me a day trip, so I jumped at the chance to fit one in before my sister and I returned to school earlier this week. My family and I decided to visit Colt State Park, a gorgeous – and large! – park in Bristol, Rhode Island. As we’ve only previously gone to it in warmer weather {it’s where, in fact, my sister Lulu snapped my senior photos}, it was a refreshing change of pace – and gave us good reason to stop into the Beehive Cafe for a brownie and hot chocolate afterwards. I’ve decided to forgo the resolution making this year beyond choosing my annual word, but if 2017 brings more frequent, fun trips like this one, I’ll be a happy camper.

[3] Thirdly, friends, believe the hype: La La Land is as wonderful as promised. Set against the loud and vivid backdrop of Los Angeles, the film follows two artists: Mia, played by Emma Stone, who works on the Warner Bros. set while dreaming of starring in a movie of her own, and Sebastian, Ryan Gosling’s character, whose dreams of owning a jazz club have not yet met reality. My sister, my mom, and I caught it on Christmas day, and I was mesmerized from beginning, where it opens in song and dance on the highway, to the end, a testament to not only the work of the actors, but the director, composer, cinematographer, and production designer as well. I’d happily see it again, but in the meantime, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat and have been on the search for a copy of Damien Chazelle’s first movie, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench. Do you want to see La La Land?

[4] If there’s one thing to love about the winter weather {in addition to snow days, of course}, it’s the opportunity to hold many a movie night and television show marathon. Over my holiday break, my sister and I watched and caught up on a number of shows – This is Us or The Fosters, anyone? – but one of my new favorites is The Good Place, which first premiered on NBC in the fall. Starring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell, the show is whimsical and humorous take on the afterlife, in which you land in the “good” or “bad” place based on the sum of the actions you take in life. The stellar cast is supported by a team of brilliant writers, and after watching all ten episodes available in a matter of days, my sister and I have come to the same conclusion: if you need a laugh, The Good Place is the show to watch. Episodes only just yesterday started airing again, so if you too are looking to catch up, this weekend would be the perfect time.

[5] Finally, it’s from one holiday to the next at Boden, but I’m not one to complain: I adore so many pieces in their new spring line! Rolled out earlier this week, the collection plays well with color and pattern {for examples, I particularly like this swan-dotted dress and this quirky Breton} and, in many pieces, evokes a retro vibe {I think this sweater would look so cute with jeans come spring}. I won’t be purchasing anything so soon after Christmas, but I’ll have a few things to put my tutoring money towards later in the year :) Are you ready for a wardrobe change, or are you content with sweaters and layers for the next few months?

Have the most wonderful Friday!


5 thoughts on “High Five / 11

  1. Ooh, I want to see La La Land so badly! I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things. I’ve been looking for a new show to watch (I just caught up with Mozart in the Jungle and have been feeling lost ever since, haha)– maybe I’ll try The Good Place! Also, that swan-print dress? AMAZING. Have a great weekend!

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    • AH, La La Land was terrific – I hope you get the chance to see it soon!

      And my sister just mentioned that we should watch Mozart in the Jungle. We will have to give it a try – perhaps tomorrow! :)


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