Top Fifteen Debuts of 2017

Hello, and happy Tuesday!

Top Ten TuesdayI’m a broken record at this point, but The Top Ten Tuesdays around the new year are some of my favorites, as they provide an opportunity to look ahead to some of the year’s best releases, a chance I’ll gladly take advantage of, any time of year. I won’t dilly-dally much longer, as you surely know the drill by now: this week’s prompt is Top Debuts of 2017, this fun feature is hosted by the lovely bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish, and I’m curious: what debuts are you excited for?

one-of-us-is-lyingThe Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars? Karen M. McManus’ debut already had me interested with that comparison, a fact that held true as I read over the synopsis. One of Us is Lying sounds like the a perfect read for this mystery fan, with an unexpected murder, unreliable narrators, and juicy motives. Its May release date begs the question: what better graduation present than a new book? {out May 30}

how-to-break-a-boyComplex characters are my jam, and it sounds like the protagonist of Laurie Devore’s How to Break a Boy is a prime example. Olivia is a self-proclaimed “mean girl,” using manipulation – as in, have a fake boyfriend manipulation – in an effort to get back at her former best friend. I’ve already have this one on hold at my local library, because any revenge book makes an excellent snow day read. {out January 31}

youre-welcome-universeI’d read Whitney Gardner’s You’re Welcome Universe on its synopsis alone – there’s not nearly enough deaf representation in young adult books, and I’m not one to resist a story of a graffiti war – but that the author included illustrations throughout the book sealed the deal. Gardner’s art is lovely {pop over here for a perfect example} which means that we readers are in for a treat. {out March 7}

juniper-lemons-happiness-indexJulie Israel’s novel had me sold as soon as I heard the title, and that confetti-dotted, well-designed cover only added to my excitement. I have reason, however, to look forward to its release; the story follows Juniper on her search for a mysterious “you” after her sister dies, leading her to many a memorable character. In other words? It’s all the elements of a perfect contemporary novel. Sign me up. {out June 27}

the-education-of-margot-sanchezI like to think that coming-of-age novels are a Bella literary staple; I turn to them again and again, only because I find them so fun to read. The debut The Education of Margot Sanchez is one to add to the bunch this year, and the story sounds like a winner: Margot is grounded after stealing her father’s credit card and is forced to work in her family’s grocery store to pay back the money. Bonus points for the eye-catching cover. {out February 21}

speak-of-me-as-i-amLoss seems to be a recurring trend in this year’s batch of debuts, but I have no complaints: narratives that deal with the delicate subjects of death and grief provide emotionally-packed storylines like no other. Case in point: Sonia Belasco’s debut, Speak of Me as I Am, in which main characters Melanie and Damon bond over their respective losses and their roles in their school’s production of Othello. Yes and yes. {out April 4}

the-heartbeats-of-wing-jonesThere’s a number of areas in which the YA world is lacking, but one notable topic is sports. Where are the stories about teenage athletes? Katherine Webber’s The Heartbeats of Wing Jones aims to fill the void, its main character, Wing, joining her school’s track team after a tragic accident involving her brother. Who can say no to family dynamics and a healthy blend of heart and humor? Not me, that’s for sure. {out March 14}

rollAs for middle grade publications, there’s one novel I have my eye on: Roll, a sweet summer-set story about competitive pigeon rolling. Didn’t know such a hobby existed? Me either. Thankfully, first time author Darcy Miller has a description handy: it’s “a strange but awesome hobby that involves training a kit of birds to simultaneously somersault backward through the air while flying.” Color me intrigued. {out May 25}

girl-out-of-waterIt was only after I followed Laura Silverman on Twitter {she’s a gem, if you’d like to as well} that I realized her first novel, Girl Out of Water, was coming out this year. It’s a good thing, because my excitement over it – a story that blends first love, family troubles, and surfing – is growing by the day. It comes out in May, which I take to mean that a pre-order may be in order. {out May 1}

american-streetI can count on one hand the number of YA novels I’ve read that directly deal with immigration, a number far too small for an issue that is central to so many teenagers’ lives. Perhaps this is why I’m looking forward to the release of Ibi Zoboi’s American Street, a novel about a Haitian teen as she adjusts to America without the guidance of her mother. The premise alone has me thinking Zoboi will be an author to watch. (out February 14}

if-birds-fly-backHere in New England, I’m facing a few more months of snow and chilly weather, but Carlie Sorosiak’s debut, If Birds Fly Back, already has me thinking of summer. Realistic fiction at its finest, the novel follows main characters Linny and Sebastian as they fall for one another over their shared obsession for novelist and filmmaker Alvaro Herrera. It hits shelves in June, and needless to say, I can’t wait to grab my own copy. {out June 27}

done-dirt-cheapIt’s not everyday that you see a book, a debut no less, with as high and consistent of early praise as Sarah Nicole Lemon’s first book, Done Dirt Cheap, a fierce and gritty story that brings alive its southern landscape with main characters Tourmaline and Virginia. With reviewers promising lyrical prose and swoon worthy romance, you can be sure that this novel already has a place on my bookshelf. {out March 7}

city-of-saints-and-thievesI’m not as active on Twitter as I used to be, nor am I browsing as many blogs, but I still haven’t seen much chatter over Natalie C. Anderson’s debut. It’s a shame, because City of Saints & Thieves, a YA mystery set in Kenya, sounds incredible, taking its protagonist deep into her family history and plans for revenge. Its publication is mere weeks away, which means I’m all the closer to reading it myself. {out January 24}

when-dimple-met-rishiIf the cover of Sandhya Menon’s first book, When Dimple Met Rishi, doesn’t make you smile, I’m not sure what will. And if the premise doesn’t have you counting down the days until May, we need to chat. In all seriousness, Menon’s romantic contemporary, in which the main characters have been arranged to be married by their parents, has been  praised as “charming and sweet and funny.” What better combination than that? {out May 30}

the-hate-u-giveFinally, if there’s any one new release I – and others! – will be reading this year, it’s Angie Thomas’ highly-anticipated debut, The Hate U Give. The buzz is understandable: inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, it follows Starr after the murder of her best friend by the police in what is sure to be a powerful and compelling story. My only wish? That February didn’t feel so far away. {out February 28}

Have a terrific Tuesday!


15 thoughts on “Top Fifteen Debuts of 2017

    • Oh, YAY, I’m so glad! I’m trying to expand a bit as well – I’m not much of a fantasy reader myself, but I’ve received several recommendations I’m excited to try out. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. i added every single one of these books onto my tbr list because they all seem so fascinating. you’re so good at selling books bella haha. i’m so pleased to have so many to look forward to in 2017!

    ps. gorgeous graphics, as usual. i think i read your posts as much for the graphics (to see what new beautiful and creative design you’ve thought up!) as i do for the always great content :)

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    • Haha thank you so much Annie! Apologies for growing your TBR list – thankfully, they all look wonderful :)

      And, oh goodness, thank you! I have to admit, I like making the graphics just as much so – if not more – than writing the posts.


  2. So many of these are on my list, too! The Hate U Give, Girl Out of Water, When Dimple Met Rishi (and I’m ABSOLUTELY counting down the days until May on that one), and You’re Welcome, Universe (but I had no idea that the author’s art was in the book, and now I’m even more excited!) And there were a couple of these that I hadn’t seen before but that I’m definitely going to look out for!

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  3. The Hate U Give and One of Us Is Lying are two of my most anticipated books as well, so I hope they end up being as good as they sound. :) Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3

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