High Five / 10


high-five-tenHow are you? Hanging in there, I hope? It’s been a draining week, and I’m thankful that this long weekend offers the chance to recover {in classic Bella fashion, that means lots of reading and organizing and spending time with friends}. I hate to share another High Five so soon after Edition Nine, but it’s been so long between posts, that I’m anxious to catch up! Here are a few highlights – and things that have been on my mind – from the past couple of weeks:

[1] My sister, Lulu, is a webseries fanatic, and ever since she introduced me to the delight that is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I’ve learned to trust her YouTube recommendations. At her urging, I recently watched Edgar Allen Poe’s Murder Mystery Party, a hilarious, high-quality series that has various authors and poets solving a set of sudden murders. What it obviously lacks in historical accuracy, it makes up in humor: Poe, a quiet, lovestruck host, attempts to distract the police from his “informal gathering;”, Mary Ann Evans tries to live up to her pen name, George Eliot, by convincing everyone she’s a man; and H.G. Wells wants to do nothing but work on his inventions. In other words? It’s all sorts of funny, and I’d suggest watching it yourself if you haven’t already – I myself can’t wait to look into the other series from Shipwrecked Comedy! Do you follow any webseries?

[2] Chalk up my recent blog disappearance to tech week, a seven-day spurt in which I spend far more time in the school auditorium than any sane person should :) In all seriousness, I had the absolute pleasure to stage manage my school’s night of one-acts. The first show of the evening was Eurydice, directed by one of my best friends so that we can later enter it into the statewide one-act play festival; written by Sarah Ruhl, it’s a powerful show, and this particular production had a variety of technical elements to keep the crew busy, from flying in string rooms to lighting trap doors. After intermission, we put on Black Comedy; as the title suggests, it’s a humorous play in which the characters are stuck in a blackout – only the audience can see everything that happens! It was an emotional week – as a senior, closing night certainly hit home – but it’s not quite over yet; I’m so excited to continue with our festival entry into the spring. For my fellow drama friends, are you working on any productions at the moment?

[3] Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, but I won’t lie, my mind has already moved to the next holiday: Christmas! I adore the holiday season, and I’m already counting down the days until the specials are on television and I can pull out my festive sweaters and cookie recipes. Fortunately, I’m not only the one who thinks Christmas music is appropriate the day after Halloween; my favorite indie duo, She & Him, released their second holiday album, Christmas Party, just a few weeks ago. As is to be expected, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward’s sixth collaboration is excellent, bringing their signature retro, simple sound to Christmas classics, like “Run Run Rudolph” or my favorite, “Christmas Memories.” Needless to say, I’ll be playing this on my way to school for weeks to come! What about you? Do you like holiday music, or would you rather it never hit the radio?

[4] Besides listening to Christmas music on repeat, I’ve found the holiday spirit in another form: coloring! Johanna Basford, who might as well be credited with the adult coloring book trend, just released yet another book, Johanna’s Christmas, and it perfectly captures the holiday season. Her illustrations – think nutcrackers, reindeer, and ornaments – are incredibly intricate, and I’ve found them so fun to color during family movie nights or in between study sessions. The improvements, including thicker cardstock and one-sided pages, are much appreciated by this tried-and-true Sharpie user, and you can be sure I’ll be coloring up until Christmas Day. Have you jumped on the coloring book trend at all?

[5] Finally, I often leave politics out of Ciao Bella – I like to keep it as a respite from the ugliness of the news – but the results of this week’s election, I believe, warrant a mention. And there’s no dodging it: I’m devastated. I’ve had a pit in my stomach for days, and I’ve yet to accept the fact {I keep thinking I’ll wake up to find that this was an awful dream}.

As I’ve mulled it all over, here are a few links I’ve come across {if you fancy a read, and you’re ready for it}:
The Hard Question Isn’t Why Clinton Lost – It’s Why Trump Won
Why Did You Vote for Trump?
How Do You Handle the Results of This Election?
Donald Trump Wins. Now What?
Girls Can Be Anything, Just Not President
And here’s something happy to end on: Something to Celebrate: 6 Women Who Won Historic Firsts

I hope this election will stir people, myself included, into action {One way to start? Expand who you follow across social media. A variety of voices and perspectives is important if we want to move forward}. I know kindness will prevail. In the meantime, be a friend to your loved ones and strangers, because as the wonderful Phillipa Soo tweeted, “love needs our minds, bodies, and voices to send it great distances.” We can do this.

xo, B

Psst. All credit to Penelope Dullaghan for that lovely flag illustration.


One thought on “High Five / 10

  1. Love that Christmas coloring book! I’ve seen it in stores a couple of times, and every time I do it gets me in the Christmas spirit. Totally reminds me of the coloring sheets we would be given during those days right before Christmas vacation when all the teachers acknowledge that actual learning wasn’t likely for a while lol so neat to capture that feeling as an adult!


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