Currently: September 2016

Hi friends!

What a long few weeks it’s been! I’m so happy this weekend has given me the chance to pop in and say hello – I’ve missed sharing posts here on Ciao Bella on a more frequent basis and being more active in the book and blogging communities. While school will always be my first priority, I decided to take a quick break from my homework to draft up a “Currently” post; I did a round back in the spring, and it was great fun not only to write, but also to hear a little bit more about your lives too! How has your September been?

andra-day-cheers-to-the-fallListening: Andra Day’s Cheers to the Fall | All credit goes to my sister, Lulu, for this grabbing Andra Day’s album from the library – it has quickly grown into my new playlist favorite! Nominated for a Grammy just this past year, this R&B singer is such a talented artist; even after only one listen to her debut, I was already made a fan. I have a few favorite tracks – “Rearview” and “Rise Up,” in particular – but with a voice so similar to vocal powerhouses like Amy Winehouse and Adele, I’d happily listen to the entire album more than once while working on the computer or on homework. In short? She’s an artist to follow, and, needless to say, I can’t wait to see what she releases next! What have you been listening to lately?

Enjoying: New Classes | While I can’t say I’m a big fan of the workload, I absolutely love the courses I’m taking this year. My school’s new seven-class schedule allowed me to take a healthy balance of academics and electives, which means I can go from AP Calculus and discussions on trigonometry straight to Yearbook, where I can design and format pages to my heart’s content. Add many wonderful teachers and classes with friends, and I’m a happy senior! Next semester, I’m looking forward to my Advanced Technical Theater class – I think it will help to have an elective I love if, or perhaps better said, when senioritis hits :) How is your school year so far? Do you have a favorite class?

the-little-princeWatching: The Little Prince | Another wonderful class I’m taking and adoring this year? AP French – I’m not too good at it speaking the language, but that’s part of the fun! That said, after reading Le Petit Prince in French last year, I was delighted to see the animated – English! – version added to Netflix. My sister and I watched it for a late summer movie night a few weeks ago, and by the film’s end, we were both smitten. The stellar cast, including actors Rachel McAdams and Jeff Bridges, brought the story to life to create such a charming adaptation. If you haven’t given it a watch yet, I’d encourage you to do so – perhaps this weekend?

Needing: To finish college apps | Fellow high school seniors will understand the stress that is college application season, currently in full swing! I’ll pass in my essays and forms soon enough, but on the more fun side of spectrum, I’m putting together a stage management portfolio for scholarship purposes, which means gathering my old rehearsal scripts, programs, and notes to send to the theater department. When the process becomes overwhelming, I’ve found it helps to keep things in perspective: it will be so exciting to see where my friends and I end up and furthermore, I’m so lucky to have such a wide range of schools available to me – results will be here soon enough! Have you gone through the college application process before?

eurydiceReading: The Clean House and Other Plays by Sarah Ruhl | This fall, one of my best friends is directing a play that we can later use for competition in the state one-act play festival. Her show of choice? Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl. I’m so, so excited for her, and I cannot wait to stage manage such a technically-oriented show! In preparation for rehearsals, I read Ruhl’s collection of plays earlier this month – and immediately fell in love with her work. If they’re this funny and heartwarming on the page, I can only imagine how wonderful the plays are performed on the stage {my favorite happens to be Melancholy Play}. Are you involved in a show at all right now?

Thankful for: Yoga | Between rehearsals, work, and family commitments, my summer was not friendly to yoga practice, but with a more consistent schedule this fall, I couldn’t be happier to return to my weekly yoga classes. It’s my favorite way to decompress, and it’s such a nice break to look forward to after school. I’ll admit, though, that I was not feeling Downwards Dog after so many months off – I’ll need to practice a bit this week! Do you do yoga at all?

bodenExcited for: The Boden Sale | Finally, the Boden Sale is one of my favorite events of the year, and I can’t believe it’s already here again! I’m all sorts of excited to head into Boston today for the sample sale – my mom, sister, and I now consider it a tradition – and I have my fingers crossed I can treat myself to a few new goodies for the fall {If you’ve never heard of my favorite British brand, hop on over HERE}. And, of course, I’ve brought Frannie and Tru to read while waiting in line – you never know when you’ll need a good book.

Have the most wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “Currently: September 2016

  1. Welcome back, Bella! I always look forward to your posts. Just checking in to say that I’m sure you’ll get into whatever college you want to – you’re so articulate and smart that I can’t imagine anyone saying no!

    Also, Sarah Ruhl! I’m a huge, huge fan of her work. I’ve seen all three of the plays you mentioned performed around Toronto, I think my fave is The Clean House. Hope you enjoy putting it on – and good luck!

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  2. oooh i’ve heard andra day’s name in passing but it hasn’t really registered until today. i’m actually been in quite an r&b kick lately (revisiting a lot of old usher!) so i’m so glad to have another artist to check out.

    i’ve also been really enjoying my classes this year (but definitely am not keen on the workload either – there’s so much reading already!). it’s nice because i’m not taking any sciences this year which makes me happy beyond words. it’s great to just be able to focus on the subjects i’m TRULY interested this year.

    one of the classes i’m taking is ap french too!! it’s definitely a challenge (even though i took pre-ap last year so i feel like i should be more prepared than i feel i am??) but i have come to enjoy it. i think it’d be so useful to learn another language, especially french as a canadian citizen! also i just love the language. i love how it rolls off the tongue and is so musical. we actually studied the little prince last year in class and me and my friend went to go see it in theatres! honestly i totally forgot i had even went to go see it until this post but now it’s coming back to me haha! i loved the contrast in animation styles.

    university applications haven’t started here in canada yet – universities are still in the recruiting stage! so we’ve had a lot of university visits at our school (and more to come) and today i went to a university fair to talk to some schools and pick up some pamphlets. nervewracking but exciting! i oscillate between being totally scared for uni and being excited.. right now, i think i’m on the excited end because i really do love learning and it excites me to be able to eventually find one area i’m super passionate about.

    i did yoga a lot during the summer but have stopped. my mom does yoga but i’m still looking for a yoga class to join! since school started, i haven’t signed up for any exercise classes so i’ve only been working out in the gym which i don’t love. also i have to say that downward dog has always been and probably will always be my least favourite pose ughhhh.

    anyway, good luck with everything!! love these currently posts – i think they’re so interesting :)

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    • Ah, please do! Her music is excellent, and I’d think you’d enjoy the album.

      And I feel you on science – I’m not much of a fan myself! The only science-y course I’m taking is AP Physics, which I happen to like when we are talking about quantum physics and the expanse of the universe :) {Projectile motion? Not so much!}. But, yes, it’s so cool to build your schedule around your interests!

      French is such a gorgeous language – that helps when speaking is a struggle! And learning another language is such a cool and significant skill that I think the class is worth the extra work.

      Finally, college definitely has me torn as well! On one hand, I feel I have done so much in high school and I’m ready for a new and exciting experience; I also can’t wait to study the areas I LOVE, like theater and English, in depth – I think that will be so fascinating! But, yes, I also feel a bit nervous – the whole process is overwhelming and I have my heart set on so many wonderful schools. Fingers crossed it works out well for the two of us!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by! I love reading long comments like these – they make my day :)


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