Eye on Art / 16

Hello!Eye on ArtHappy September, friends! Time is a flying, and already have we seen another summer come and gone – I know, I’m still wrapping my head around that one too. To keep thoughts of autumn and pumpkins at bay, however {summer’s not over quite yet}, I’d thought we’d take the second of September to chat good artwork instead. It’s been several weeks now since I last shared an edition of Eye on Art, but today’s three portfolios – a pleasant mix of graphic design, illustration, and painting – were worth the wait, or at least I think so! Has any artwork caught your eye recently? What’s up for your fall?

Maddy NyeYou may know Maddy Nye for her collaboration with Design Love Fest or, perhaps, you’ve seen her artwork grace Ban.do products. Regardless of the source, there’s no denying it: she’s one heck of a graphic designer. With a creative eye for typography and a strong quality of design, Maddy could whip up anything for me and I’d be happy!

I could have chosen any number of pieces from her online portfolio to feature, but I highlighted a few personal favorites, including pieces from her “Pin Up” collection, quotes based off the images she shares on Pinterest, and others from her travels around the country. If you love her work, too, you’ll join in my delight over these printable coloring pages, drawn by Maddy herself – I think they will be just the thing to brighten up my locker in the coming school year. {website}

Matt BleaseMatt Blease is as equally talented of an artist, albeit in a different field: illustration! I’ve seen his artwork pop on Pinterest again and again, but it wasn’t until I sat down to work on the post that I fully looked through his portfolio – and, boy, was I missing out. Working as a designer and illustrator for multiple brands before turning freelance, Matt’s graphic design background is the basis of his expert uses of space and line, and, furthermore, his pieces show off his sharp sense of humor.

Case-in-point? His pun drawings – “Monster Climbs,” “A Well Rounded Diet” – are a clever twist of words, while other pieces – the rainbow hands and the American flag flashcard – are the result of a creative mind and knowledge of everyday objects. I could talk about more of his work for days, but we’ll leave it at this: he makes drawing look easy. {website}

Clare ElsaesserFinally, Clare Elsaesser’s paintings are things of beauty, many of them portraits from behind or colorful abstract work. I came across one of her pieces on Anthropologie, and from there, I quickly fell in love with her stunning portfolio. At first glance, it’s easy to see that she has a knack for color and shape, but upon further examination, she shows a delicate eye for detail, including the wisps of hair or wrinkles in a skirt {In other words? I’m a bit envious of her skill}.

I’m a broken record here, but, truly, whittling down an artist’s work to just five pieces is tough, and even more so when they have such a large portfolio in the first place! In the end, I decided upon three of my favorite portraits and two stunning abstracts, all of which show off Clare’s impeccable talent in painting. Can I have my a print for myself? {website}

Have a great start to your weekend!


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