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Hello!Musical MoodboardsLong time, no see, friends! What’s new? Summer is certainly winding down – with only two weeks left in my vacation, I’m doing my best to soak up the remaining time with my friends and family. In previous years, I would be anxious to return to the routine that school brings, but this time around, I’m grateful for the string of days where I have little planned. I think we could all use the slower pace every now and then, particularly as I look ahead to my busy September calendar.

Day trips, on a similar note, have long been my cup of tea: they’re a chance to explore and try something new, but they’re still short enough that I can be back at home and reading before bed. A recent example? My mom, sister, and I spent a day in New York City, walking through the Museum of Natural History, grabbing cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery, and, naturally, seeing a Broadway show. I haven’t posted a Musical Moodboard since last September – far too long of a wait, I know – but after seeing Waitress, I knew a production of that talent deserved a post of its own. If you want to revisit previous moodboards before we chat all things Waitress, a reminder that the archives are HERE for your perusal!

WaitressSources: Diner Photograph / Cookie Sharing / Waitress Illustrated Quote / Blue Gingham Pattern source unknown / Waitress Photograph / Pie Print / {FYI: I tried my best to provide you with the most accurate and updated sources, but please let me know of any problems or mistakes!}

Before it was a smash hit on Broadway, Waitress was a movie, written and directed by the talented filmmaker Adrienne Shelly; the indie favorite follows a young waitress Jenna throughout her pregnancy and the tumultuous marriage that accompanies it. The musical adaptation takes the same story and puts it to the music of Sara Bareilles and direction of Diane Paulus – in other words, an artistic collaboration destined to reach success. And that it has: The show first opened at the American Repertory Theater in Boston, moved to the New York stage in the spring, and captured the hearts of audience members and critics alike.

While both the film and musical tackle heavy themes of abusive relationships and grief, the story itself ends on a hopeful note, a feeling I wanted to carry into the moodboard. I was thus led on a search for pictures and photographs that brought to the mind the heart-warming and heart-healing properties of baking: a charming illustration of sharing baked goods with friends, a still of Keri Russell in costume, and the lyrics to one of my favorite songs in the show. Additionally, the diner is a nod to Jenna’s workplace and the stunning set {the stage manager in me was awed by the design and technical elements of the show}, while the gingham pattern speaks to the simple, yet impactful, costumes. And, finally, what would a Waitress image be without some mention of pie?

Let’s discuss! Have you seen the Waitress film or musical? What’s your favorite flavor of pie? {I’m partial to apple myself}. Finally, do you love Sara Bareilles’ music, or do you love Sara Bareilles’ music?!

Have a terrific start to your week! :)


2 thoughts on “Musical Moodboards / Waitress

  1. I love day trips, too! Travelling is cool but I appreciate the daily comforts that my home provides me. Sadly, I’ve never been to a musical, though I really want to someday.
    This is off topic, but I just stumbled onto your blog for the first time today and I’m glad I did; I think it’s fantastic! :)


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