Font Freebies / 12


Font FreebiesI saw a tweet recently that compared August as the “Sunday of summer,” and to a point, I agree – especially when you walk into Staples or Target with back to school sales in full swing! Even so, while I’m not one to rush my vacation away, I will admit to loving the planning that goes into returning to school: shopping for a few new pieces, lining up pens and pencils, and setting up my binders and notebooks for the new year. I downloaded several fonts for use on my binder covers, and was then inspired to share them in another edition of Font Freebies.

For new readers, this feature was born out of my love of all things graphic design, allowing me to share my favorite free fonts from around the internet. While I’ve put all of the typefaces below to good use, I’m digging DK Abeille {I love the subtle bounce in the characters} and KG Satisfied {You can’t go wrong with another handwritten script font} in particular. Have you downloaded any fun typefaces recently?

Font Freebies 12Hesster Moffett / Bulles de Chocolats / DK Abeille / Florence / Ficticcia College / KG Satisfied

The title is in Contento Script.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


10 thoughts on “Font Freebies / 12

  1. Wait, is KG Satisified supposed to be a Hamilton reference? Because some of her font names are all songs. Oooh! (Btw, I love Hamilton! I could talk about it all the time)

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