Picture Perfect / 06


Picture PerfectHow are you? Anything new and fun to share? I miss posting on a more regular basis – and it’s my hope that the calendar comes together again in the fall – but I truly can’t complain: summertime so far has been all sorts of wonderful. Before I head out on today’s day trip, yet another college tour, I thought I’d whip up an edition of Picture Perfect in belated celebration of National Ice Cream Day. If you’re new to the feature, not to worry: Picture Perfect is simply an opportunity to group objects around a particular photograph, as in today’s ice cream and nautical related items. I think it pleases the arts and shopping lover in us all!

Picture Perfect 06{via}

I’m drawn to sun-drenched images these days like a moth to a flame {blame the summer-loving mindset}. It’s no wonder, then, that I felt a photo from Julia’s recent trip to the pier was so fitting for July; with boats in the background and dripping ice cream in hand, the stylish fashion blogger, who showcases her wardrobe daily on Gal Meets Glam, shows a day trip done right. I don’t share the same funds for shopping as Julia, but I nevertheless took delight in picking out objects, from a quirky coin purse to a classic floppy hat, to match the themes of the image. Do any of the objects catch your eye?

Picture Perfect 061 ◊ The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson from Amazon

2 ◊ High Summer Collection Ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

3 ◊ Expand Your Horizons Cruise Ship Coin Purse from Kate Spade

4 ◊ The Way, Way Back from Amazon

5 ◊ Factory Trim Pocket T-Shirt in Gentle Sea from J.Crew Factory

6 ◊ Aerie Floppy Knit Hat in Soft Muslin from American Eagle

7 ◊ Ice Cream Print from Old English Company

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Psst. Want more art-related posts to keep you busy? Here are a few picks: a recent edition of Eye on Art; another summery round of Picture Perfect; and an interview with shop owner and photographer Rachel Ball.


4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect / 06

  1. as you know bella, i love these posts! i am an avid online window shopper (is there another term for this??) – i love going online and saving clothes or items to my pinterest boards that i would buy if i had an endless stream of cash flowing in. i love all these picks, but am especially in love with the kate spade coin purse and the ice cream!! i don’t think there’s a way to get jeni’s in canada but i have heard so many good things about it from everyone who’s tried it and the roasted strawberry buttermilk sounds SO good. i used to always get strawberry as a child and while i’ve diversified since then in terms of flavour, i still love a good strawberry! (although it can be a challenge sometimes to find one that doesn’t taste like artificial strawberry – very fine line!!) also so interesting to see the way, way back included! i actually saw it pop up in shomi and was contemplating whether or not to watch it. i guess this is a sign, then? :)

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