High Five / 07


High Five 07Happy Sunday, friends! Is your July off to a good start? I’ve been keeping busy with work {sixth graders continue to be the cutest} and rehearsals {we’re only a few weeks away from opening night!}, but my weekends run at a welcome slower pace; I think today, for example, calls for nothing more than a good book and a glass of lemonade. Before I settle down on the porch, A Tyranny of Petticoats in hand, however, I thought I’d share a new edition of High Five – it’s been so long since I last posted one! How was your week?

[1] When it comes to music, my tastes range widely. From the impressive numbers on the Hamilton soundtrack to the indie recordings from Florence and the Machine, I find it hard to settle on just one genre! Thanks to a brief mention in the most recent Rolling Stone issue, my love for Jake Bugg’s music was rekindled, making him yet another artist to add to my varying favorites. His most recent album, “On My One” was released earlier in June, and needless to say, I’m a fan. While it doesn’t quite compare to his previous work, I appreciate the experimental route he takes, particularly in the tracks “Gimme the Love” and “Never Wanna Dance.” To be brief? It’s made the rotation on my Spotify playlists. What songs are topping your summer radio?

[2] If the charming movie The Lady in the Van proves anything, it’s that Maggie Smith can take on any role and imbue it with her trademark dry humor and passion. In the film, she stars as Mary Shepard, an elderly woman who lived in playwright Alan Bennett’s driveway for fifteen years – in a broken down, dirty van, no less! It’s a bittersweet true story and is treated with care by the actors and production team alike, and so, it comes as no surprise that it premiered to wide acclaim last fall. After watching it with a few friends, I hope now to track down a performance of the stage production, as this theater fan enjoys drawing distinctions between the two forms of media, in addition to grabbing the book.

[3] Day trips are aplenty come the summertime, so to kick off the season, my mom, sister, and I visited the Heritage Gardens and Museums in Sandwich. With perfect walking weather and free admission to boot, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my month. A few other highlights from our day: we had an early morning slot at the Adventure Park, a zip-lining. tree-climbing experience just minutes away from the gardens themselves. It was incredibly fun, if a bit scary, making my way across the treetops! We also grabbed a bite to eat at Cafe Chew, a small restaurant with an adorable interior and tasty sandwiches. Are you traveling anywhere this summer?

[4] After wrapping up what episodes are available of Jane the Virgin on Netflix in just a matter of weeks, my sister and I were left with a dilemma: what show to watch next? Thankfully, it took only a few days before we found our answer, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Starring the hilarious and talented Rachel Bloom, the show follows former New York lawyer Rebecca Bunch as she moves to California in pursuit of her childhood crush Josh. What may seem like a typical “girl obsessed over a guy” storyline is actually sharp and witty commentary on friendship, confidence, and mental illness {I suppose it also helps that much of this is done in song!}. In addition, this is one of many shows I’ve seen this year that have a smart, complex female character as the leading role  – yet another thumbs up from me!

[5] Finally, my sister is considered the ice cream expert and maker in our household, a role I’ll happily let her keep so long as I can request another batch of s’mores ice cream! With temperatures predicted to soar in the next few days, I’m certain she’ll agree a batch is in order; who can beat the tasty combination of toasted marshmallows, crushed graham crackers, and a fudge ripple? If you’re more inclined to buy your ice cream rather than make it and you’re in the New England area, here are a few of the excellent ice cream spots I’ve visited over the past few summers: Three Sisters, Gray’s Ice Cream, The Inside Scoop, and The Ice Cream Sandwich. Yum! {picture via Add a Pinch}

Have a terrific rest of your weekend!

Psst. My heart hangs heavy after reading and learning more about the numerous events that have dominated the news over the past week. I don’t consider Ciao Bella the place to discuss the issues – I try to keep it as a light, creative space – nor do I feel it’s my place to start a full-on discussion, but I encourage you to research, advocate, and listen with an open mind as America moves forward {recommend reads: this post, this book, this article}. Black lives matter, and I hope change is on its way.


4 thoughts on “High Five / 07

  1. Your life sounds so nice! FLORENCE + THE MACHINE IS THE BEST. I am going to check out Jake Bugg! Jane The Virgin is SO addicting, and I fill up that void with Quantico after, but CrazyEx-Girlfriend sounds amazing!
    [side note: #blacklivesmatter and i appreciate that you still talk about it, even while keeping this a lighthearted space!]

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why thank you, that’s so sweet! I’d encourage you to check out Jake Bugg – I listen to him and Florence all the time! And Jane the Virgin is the best, but Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comes to a close second :)


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