Birthday Wishes 2016


Birthday Wishlist 2016Happy Tuesday, friends! How was your Fourth of July? Were you decked out in red, white, and blue? Between Independence Day and Labor Day, it seems to me that the summer months offer plenty of reasons for celebration {and plenty of opportunities to bake cake!}. With my own birthday only a few short weeks away, I’ll have to be on the lookout for the perfect celebratory dessert.

All that said, I thought I’d take the chance to share a few of the items on my birthday wishlist – it’s grown, as so many posts have, into a Ciao Bella tradition :) Before we get to the fun of online-shopping, a reminder, as it bears repeating: wishlist-making is always just in good fun. While I love a present as much as the next person, what truly makes a birthday special is spending time with people and in places you love most.

[1] 2017 Desktop 17-Month planner from Rifle Paper Co. I’m a sucker for new school supplies: freshly sharpened pencils, color coordinated notebooks, and, of course, a handy-dandy agenda! The start to senior year will be here before I know it, so I’d love to have this illustrated edition from Rifle Paper Co. {or this colorful planner from – I’m finding it tough to choose} on hand.

[2] Glass Water Bottle in Blush from Kate Spade I never thought I’d describe a water bottle as stylish, but this light pink example – complete with the cheeky inscription “Just add water” – convinced me otherwise! It’s on the pricier side, but I think it’d be useful to have around next year as I dash off to school, rehearsals, and club meetings.

[3] Paris Street Style by Zoe de las Cases If the number of adult coloring books released last spring are any indication, it’s that this stress-reliever trend has yet to run its course! I’m a happy fan of that fact, in part because it gives me reason to request this informal look at French street fashion. I’ll have my coloring pencils and markers ready to go.

[4] Sticker Book Bundle from Is a collection of hand-drawn stickers necessary? Nope, but they sure are fun! From test date reminders to holographic foil letters, these sticker pads combine a retro style with cute design elements; in other words, it was love at first sight when I came across them in my browsing. I think they’ll make filling in my agenda book all the more entertaining.

[5] Boden Giftcard Boden may already be sharing sneak peeks of their Christmas products, but I’ll stick closer to the present: I’m awaiting the autumn releases! Their preview website had me excited to see what the fall will bring – you’ll notice one of the t-shirts above – and so, a gift card devoted to all things Boden would come much appreciated for back-to school shopping.

[6] Triple Zip Hipster in Pop Art from Vera Bradley In a similar vein, I’m looking to add a new cross body bag to my fall wardrobe, and I think this purse from Vera Bradley fits the bill. The size is just what I need to stash diabetes supplies and snacks, and the Cubist-inspired print is my favorite of the fall line. Win-win all around!

[7] City of Spies by Nina Berry It isn’t a birthday celebration without a few books! I wrote about the second Pagan Jones installment just a few weeks ago, but I bring it up again because I’d like to add it to my bookshelf in my room. I’m eager to see where Pagan’s spy role brings her next.

[8] Frannie and Tru by Karen Hattrup Another YA novel I hope to receive? Karen Hattrup’s Frannie and Tru, a quiet coming-of-age story that recognizes the consequences of falling too deep into expectation. This debut sounds as Bella of a story as they come, and I believe it will be just the thing to round out my summer come August.

[9] Love and Freindship and Other Youthful Writings by Jane Austen Finally, after seeing the film adaptation of Love and Freindship back in May, I realized I was missing out on some of Austen’s funniest works! This gorgeous edition hails from the Penguins Classics Hardcover Collection, and I think it’d be right at home alongside Emma.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


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