The Summer List // 2016


The Summer List 2016{via}

Happy Thursday, friends! After what seems like a marathon last few months, I’m finally on summer vacation – and couldn’t be more excited about it! I still have to wrap my head around the fact that I’m now a senior {!!!}, but in the meantime, I thought I’d return to a long-standing Ciao Bella tradition: posting my summer list, a seasonal take on the bucket list. This will be the fifth time I kicked off the season with a post like this, and I’ve come to think of it as casual way to structure my vacation. What are your summer plans?

Read 40 Books To start, I’m looking forward to reading plenty on my break, and while I don’t like to focus on the numbers, forty seems like a reasonable amount! With so many excellent novels sitting on my bookshelf {I’m looking at you, The Great Unexpected and Outrun the Moon}, I think this will be an easy – and enjoyable – goal to complete.

Finish My AP Summer Work I have a heavy academic courseload next year, and so I have a number of summer assignments to complete in July and August. If I pace my physics problems, French studies, and lit readings out correctly, however, I should have nothing hanging over my head when I return to school in the fall.

Catch up on Quantico My family and I binged-watched the wonderfully addictive, if not wonderfully written, Quantico, in the winter, but I haven’t watched it since! With no alarm clock to wake up to, and thus, less of a bed time to stick to, I now think another weekend with Alex, Ryan, and the rest of the FBI trainees is in order.

Try a New Restaurant Between all the day trips I take with family and friends in the summer months, there’s bound to be a few lunch and ice cream stops! I love trying new places to eat, especially in the towns and cities I go to often, so I’ll be on the lookout this summer whenever I travel.

Finish a Coloring Book I jumped on the coloring book trend after I received the popular Secret Garden coloring book last year as a birthday present. I’ve slowly, but surely, been making my way through it – I found it to be a fun studying break – and I have hopes to finish a few more of the stunning pictures this summer.

See Finding Dory I always like to include at least one movie on my summer list, and this year’s pick should come as no surprise. Pixar’s newest and one of their most anticipated releases hits theaters tomorrow, so it’s only a matter of weeks before I’ll see the film myself! Other contenders include: The Secret Life of Pets and Café Society, both of which look just as entertaining.

Learn Photoshop I’ve been drawn to collages lately, perhaps because I’ve seen them so frequently on blogs and social media. While I have knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, I’d like to master Photoshop – and then give my own hand at whipping up a collage or two.

Write More Finally, I wrote on this back in the winter, but I think this vacation will provide me with time I can devote to writing outside of blogging. I have ideas in the works, now I just have to get them down on paper :)

Have a terrific rest of your day!


3 thoughts on “The Summer List // 2016

  1. I LOVE QUANTICO SO MUCH! I recently started watching a month ago, but I had a bunch of finals! In the past 4 days, however, I watched the last ten episodes (now THAT’S binge-watching!) and WOW. I can’t say I didn’t predict it (there weren’t many options), but THE PIECES FIT TOGETHER NOW! omg. <3 Quantico!
    I want to learn Photoshop more too! The Secret Life Of Pets is one I really want to see, as is Finding Dory!


  2. […] More: Outside of reviews and recipes, I have plenty to share! For the bookworms, I listed the beach reads I can’t wait to get to – complete with matching swimsuits – as well as the novels I want to read before the year ends in two new Top Ten Tuesdays; for the artists, I posted yet another edition of Eye on Art {get a preview above} and a summery version of Picture Perfect. In earlier birthday fun, I shared some of the items I was crushing on – catch them all HERE – and finally, you can take a peek at my summer list for the year HERE. […]


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