Top Twelve Releases for the Rest of 2016

Hi friends!Top Ten TuesdayLong time, no see! I’m delighted to be back to blogging and talking books, if even for a short moment {French and pre-calc studying, sadly, still awaits}. My finals wrap up on Thursday, and with that, I’ll be looking forward to officially becoming a senior in the fall; in the meantime, however, I have little on my vacation agenda beyond afternoons reading good books. My summer TBR list is growing by the day, and it’s not helped by today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic: Releases for the Second Half of 2016! These past few months have had an abundance of wonderful new novels, and I expect no different of a case for the rest of the year {so much so, I hope you can excuse the two extra titles on my list}. What books are you excited to grab?

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Be Good Be Real Be CrazyChelsey Philpot won me over with her lyrical writing and rich characterization in her debut Even in Paradise, and ever since, I’ve been recommending the book to friends left and right. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to do the same with her sophomore novel, Be Good Be Real Be Crazy, but with a cover, title, and synopsis {I have a soft spot for any and all road trip stories} this good, I don’t think I’ll finish it disappointed. {out October 11}

City of SpiesCity of Spies may already be out, but my excitement for it is so high, I couldn’t leave it off the list! The Notorious Pagan Jones, a story of a “Hollywood starlet turned spy,” is a hidden gem; I read it last year and was – and remain! – bummed that it’s so often overlooked in the discussion of young adult mysteries. Nevertheless, I have this sequel on my birthday wishlist – I hope I can add it to my bookshelf in July! {already out}

GhostsI have yet to read a Raina Telgemeier graphic novel I haven’t loved, and it shouldn’t be any different when Ghosts, her newest book, comes out in September. If the charming cover illustrations aren’t enough to convince you to read it alongside me, perhaps the premise will: sisters Maya and Cat move to California and must adjust to the differences that arise between the two of them. A sweet, family-centered story – with the promise of ghosts, no less! – is just up my alley. {out September 13}

GeminaAfter reading the thrill ride that is Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff’s Illuminae last summer, I have only one question remaining: what happens next!? Here’s hoping I find answers in the next installment, Gemina, in which two new characters are introduced in the fight against BeiTech. At 608 pages, it’s not a light read I can tote around school, but that’s what weekends were made for. {out October 18}

Girl in PiecesThey say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ll admit: I was drawn to Kathleen Glasgow’s debut, Girl in Pieces, for the pale pink hue and charcoal gray lettering. Thankfully, the synopsis has me thinking I’d pick it up regardless; heavier contemporary novels are never easy to read, but I love the stories they introduce me to all the same. It’s met wide acclaim among early reviewers, a trend I’m sure will only continue come the fall. {out September 6}

Kids of AppetiteIf you recognize David Arnold’s name, it’s likely for his zany road trip novel, Mosquitoland, published early last year. Mim is a protagonist I continue to think about today – how’s that for a lasting impression? –  so you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered that we don’t have much longer to wait for Arnold’s next release, titled Kids of Appetite. I plan to dive in as soon as it hit shelves in September. {out September 20}

Learning to Swear in AmericaIf this title doesn’t capture your interest, I’m not sure what will! Learning to Swear in America has plenty going for it: an eye-catching design, an aspiring physicist, and promises of humor and heart. Katie Kennedy is a first-time author, so while I haven’t had the chance to read her work before, other trusted reviewers have, calling the book “adorable,” “sweet and funny and fresh,” and “hilarious and smart.” All that to say? On the TBR list it goes! {out July 5}

MooI grew up with Sharon Creech in the classroom. Ruby Holler, my independent reading book. Walk Two Moons, a summer reading assignment. The Great UnexpectedThe Boy on the Porch, The Unfinished Angel, novels I grabbed after falling in love with her quirky characters and small-town settings. I’m excited to revisit my childhood favorite with the release of Moo, Creech’s latest novel-in-verse. It’s the bookworm in me, but I can’t think of a better end to my summer. {out August 30}
AshesLaurie Halse Anderson is another author whose work defined my childhood, notably her historical fiction series “Seeds of America,” in which young African-American slaves and soldiers endure the colonial era. It’s such a chilling, heartbreaking set of books that I can forgive the long span in publishing; Ashes, the third installment, is coming out eight years after the first book’s release. I think the wait will be worth it. {out October 4}

The Female of the SpeciesSo often have I seen Mindy McGinnis’s books pop up in my feeds, I’m surprised I haven’t already checked out one myself! This fall may mark my first read of hers with the release of The Female of the Species, a story with a shifty narrator, unusual connections, and a fantastic cover. I’m not one to grab thrillers, but with Halloween just around the corner at the time of its publication, I think I’ll give it a try – I’ll just read it in the daytime! :) {out September 20}

The Secret KeepersThere was a time in which I had no interest in Harry Potter or The Mysterious Benedict Society. What I was thinking then, I don’t know, but I now happily consider myself a fan of both series, one penned by the lovely J.K. Rowling and the other, by the talented Trenton Lee Stewart. I still have to finish the Harry Potter books, but for my Trenton Lee Stewart fill for the year, I plan to grab a copy of The Secret Keepers in September. I can’t wait. {out September 27}

You in Five ActsFinally, write a story about theater, dance, stardom, and the like, and you’ve got my attention. Una LaMarche has published numerous YA novels, but You in Five Acts is the first to be set in a performing arts high school, hence my excitement; reminiscent of Fame, the book follows five seniors as they make and lose friends, start and end romances, and look towards the future.  It will be the perfect treat after college application season! {out November 4}

Have a lovely Tuesday!


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