High Five / 06

Hi friends!

High Five SixHappy Friday! Can you believe that June has arrived? I certainly can’t  – the year is zipping right along! Nevertheless, these past few weeks have captured all that I love about this time of year: outings with family and friends, creative projects galore, and, of course, a healthy dose of homemade ice cream. All that said, I haven’t shared an edition of High Five in quite a while – last in April, to be precise – but the start of a new month seemed like as good of a time as any! How was your week?

[1] It’s difficult to sneak in television marathons during the school year – homework takes first priority! – so come summer, I have a list in hand of the shows my sister and I want to start. When we had a free night earlier this week, however, Lulu and I were both in agreement; if there’s any show worthy of binge-watching before school officially comes to a close, it’s Jane the Virgin, the CW’s runaway hit about a young woman accidentally artificially inseminated. If you find the premise odd, I can’t disagree, but if it prevents you from giving the pilot a try, let me attempt to change your mind. Gina Rodriguez is absolutely wonderful in the leading role, the supporting cast is no less talented, and each episode has us laughing all the way through. What’s not to love?

[2] The last two months of school have always been scheduled with several fun events, but even more so when you’re an upperclassman! Though the activities have kept me busy, they remind me how lucky I am to have such a wonderful group of friends and a supportive school community. A small sampling of what I’ve been up to: my junior-senior prom was a few weeks ago, and it was an absolute blast – and that means a lot coming from someone who doesn’t like to dance! {That’s a snapshot of a close friend, my sister, and me above.} Today was the Senior Class Day, where I accepted their class gifts on behalf of my grade; Sunday is the graduation ceremony, where I’ll be making a small speech; and I have a few different award ceremonies to look forward to as well. Are you finished with school yet?

[3] If you haven’t seen Jen’s blog, Pop! Goes the Reader, before, only one statement comes to mind: you’re missing out. Jen consistently delivers well-designed and well-written posts, so I suppose it’s no surprise that she attracts the same level of quality when she asks authors to contribute to Her Story: Ladies in Literature! The lovely series is planned for the next several weeks as writers of all genres and experience share their response to the question, “Who’s your fictional heroine?” The prompt has generated such interesting and diverse answers – think stories as different as The Babysitters Club to The Virgin Suicides – and, furthermore, it has introduced me to a multitude of new authors to research. I like to read the essays over breakfast, but it’s just as good as weekend reading material.

[4] I’m as biased as they come, given my love of all things Austen, but Love and Friendship might be my favorite film of the year so far. Starring Kate Beckinsale as a charming, if devious, widow of high society, the movie takes the unfinished Austen novel “Lady Susan” and brings it to the big screen. Jane Austen never fails to be funny, and this proves true in the script, written by director Whit Stillman: Lady Susan’s manipulative ways made me laugh, the witty remarks were aplenty, and Sir James Martin, his obliviousness and all, remains hard to forget. I believe it’s still playing in select theaters, but I’ll be waiting for its DVD release – I think it’s perfect movie night material.

[5] Finally, the drama department at my sister’s middle school announced their 2016-2017 season of shows, and much to my delight, they’ve chosen to perform Legally Blonde! I know my sister will crush it come auditions in the fall, but right now, I love that the news serves as the perfect excuse to listen to the musical’s soundtrack on repeat. While each and every track captures the bubbly vibe of the show, “Omigod You Guys” and “What You Want” might be my favorites. Have you seen Legally Blonde performed before? I might as well watch the movie again too! :)

Have a terrific Friday!


2 thoughts on “High Five / 06

  1. watching shows during the school year is SO hard. i am in so much admiration of my friends who were able to marathon shows while balancing school, extracurriculars and other LIFE THINGS – it’s a serious talent. we recently subscribed to a streaming service that has jane the virgin on it so i’ve been watching too! i watched the first three eps w my friends a few months ago but stopped when i didn’t have a way to continue. i just finished rewatching the pilot and am trying really hard not to spend my entire days catching up.. but unfortunately, my exams await and i need to study :(

    also i love love LOVED your prom dress – so gorgeous! it’s definitely the style of dress i’m considering for my prom next year!

    have a great week bella! x

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