Top Ten 2016 Beach Reads

Hi!Top Ten TuesdayI look forward to reading in the summer as I do to a towering ice cream cone on a warm July day; in other words, it’s a treat that I couldn’t bear to miss. With two months off from school and little else to do, I like to fill my summer reading piles with a variety of authors and writing styles – is there any better time for bookworm exploration? – but if there’s one genre I make a priority come June, it’s beach reads, the lighter, fluffier stories that always leave me with a smile on my face.

Now that vacation is only two short weeks away and my reading pile is growing by the day, I couldn’t ask for a more fitting Top Ten Tuesday prompt: Beach Reads {how we approach the topic is left to us to decide}. I decided to take a cue from last year’s edition and pair stylish swimsuits with some of the contemporary novels on my TBR list, all of which have or will hit shelves this year. What books do you want to read this summer?

Before we begin, a reminder that Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish. Take a peek to find other books for your beach bag – and to link up a list of your own!

The Way Back to YouRoad trips stories are the epitome of the teenage summer, capturing all at once blossoming friendships, a sense of adventure, and the spontaneity of the season. They typically make for a fun read, and better yet, I have yet to find one I haven’t liked! The newest addition to the genre is The Way Back to You, a collaboration between authors Michelle Andreani and Mindi Scott, and from its synopsis alone, I know it’ll find its way to me this summer. {swimsuit}

Summer of SloaneIf the sun-soaked cover of Erin L. Schneider’s debut doesn’t have you longing to be on the beaches of Hawaii, I don’t know what will. The novel, Summer of Sloane, has all the ingredients for the perfect beach read: a cute summer fling, a warm setting along the water, and storylines on friends and family.  To put it simply? In the beach bag it goes – right alongside the sunscreen, swimsuit, and towel! {swimsuit}

Summer in the Invisible CityI haven’t read Juliana Romano’s debut, nor have I been lucky enough to read her sophomore novel, Summer in the Invisible City, but from what I can tell, both books are right up my alley: coming-of-age stories with powerful emotional punches. It’s not the lighter style I typically save for the summertime, but nevertheless, its promise – a novel “whose characters will stay with you long into the fall” – is more than enough justification to bring it to the beach. {swimsuit}

Stars So Sweet Tara Dairman, author of the adorable All Four Stars series, has yet to disappoint, and I expect no different of a case when I grab hold of the third Gladys Gatsby installment, Stars So Sweet. As the series comes to close, Gladys is faced with a dilemma: can she meet with her editor and still keep her budding critic career a secret? This one isn’t set during the summer months, but even still, I’ll happily enjoy the cutie’s final adventure in July! {swimsuit}

Something NewLucy Knisley’s graphic memoir is the only nonfiction book of the bunch, but it sounds like a worthy summer read if I ever saw one! Knisley is known for her stunning travelogues, but Something New tackles a different story: her wedding preparations. If her past books are any indiction, these “tales from a makeshift bride” are sure to include hilarious anecdotes and colorful illustrations. I’ll need to grab it from the library soon! {swimsuit}

P.S. I Like YouThough I have put them on my TBR list posts time and time again, I have yet to pick up one of Kasie West’s adorable contemporary novels. It’s a mistake I’m determined to fix this summer, if only because I’m oh-so excited for the release of P.S. I Like You. West’s newest release follows the back-and-forth messages left between main character Lily and a secret pen-pal. It’s just the story I’ll want after wrapping up my AP Lit work for the summer. {swimsuit}

Lucky FewAn excellent premise or not, Kathryn Ormsbee’s Lucky Few would be added to my summer TBR pile based on its wonderfully illustrated cover alone! Fortunately, it sounds like a story both funny and sweet, a combination I’ll take any day of my vacation, as characters Stevie, Max, and Sanger attempt to check off all twenty-three items on their “Ways to Fake Death Without Dying” checklist. Perhaps I’ll order it as an end-of-the-year treat! {swimsuit}

Love and GelatoThe title of Jenna Evans Welch’s debut, Love and Gelato, has me dreaming of a trip to Italy, wandering the country’s streets with a cup of ice cream in hand. My wanderlust aside, I can’t ask for a better-looking read for any August afternoon. A brief summary: Lina travels to Italy on her mother’s wishes and ends up uncovering a mystery with her new friend – and possible crush – Ren. Yes please. {swimsuit}

Look Both WaysWith her adorable reality TV show romp, For Real, Alison Cherry secured herself a spot on my auto-read list, and now, with the release of her next novel, Look Both Ways, I hope only to reaffirm that position. Thankfully, it has so much that I love {theater, summer camp, first relationships} that I don’t think I’ll finish it disappointed. Will I even need to swim with this good of a book by my side? {swimsuit}

EligibleFinally, hand me a Jane Austen adaptation and read it I will. Curtis Sittenfeld’s Eligible has received much buzz in the publication world over the past few months, and I hope to carve out some time to read it myself this summer {along with a rewatch of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, of course!}. I can’t wait for an abundance of wit, the lines of subtle humor, and the modern takes of my favorite characters; if anyone can live up to Austen, I think Sittenfeld has proven herself well. {swimsuit}

Have a delightful Tuesday!


11 thoughts on “Top Ten 2016 Beach Reads

  1. Can we talk about how great you are at pairing swim suits with book covers? I love it! As for the books, The Way Back to You sounds perfect for summer with its balance of travel and friendship combined with a vibrant cover. And I hadn’t heard of Summer in the Invisible City, but I’ll have to check it out – it certainly sounds promising. I hope you have a wonderful summer (it’s so, so close!) and that you enjoy all of these books and more while on break. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Emily! You’re the sweetest. Both are books I can’t wait to read as well – hopefully they come in at the library soon! And a happy summer to you too! I hope you enjoy the break before college – you’ve certainly earned the vacation :)


  2. I’ve heard some amazing things about The Summer of Sloane and Love and Gelato (I’ll probably read this just for the gelato tbh), so I am so glad to see them on your list. Definitely going to give them a try this summer. Thanks for sharing Bella and, as always, fabulous post! <3

    PS I love your graphics 😍 The swimsuit idea was so creative!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, too true – who could turn down a book with such a tasty treat in the title? And thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you have a wonderful summer! :)


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