April 2016 Monthly Recap

Hello friends!
Monthly RecapHappy May! How are you? Celebrating the arrival of a new month? Enjoying a tasty breakfast? Listening to Lemonade on repeat? {I’m with you there}. This weekend has been a welcome chance to catch my breath – I like my down time when things get busy – and I’m excited to have a quiet Sunday to kick off what is sure to be a wonderful month. April, of course, can’t go by without a brief recap; these small trips down memory lane allow me to share the posts and highlights of the past few weeks. How is your spring coming along?

The Haters{With hit-or-miss humor and a jumbled plot, Jesse Andrews’ sophomore novel, The Haters, sadly fell short of my expectations.}

Reads: My book reviews will get back on track someday soon – I have my fingers crossed for the start of summer vacation – but in the meantime, it’s best to focus on the novel I did review: Jesse Andrews’ The Haters. I found it a disappointment, but as I wrote in my post, “that’s not to say another reader won’t fall in love…  music experts will appreciate the jazz references and industry jokes, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl enthusiasts will find comfort in Andrews’ writing, [and] readers in need of a lighthearted novel will enjoy Wes’ narration.” If its summary sparks your interest, I’d recommend you take a peek.

April 2016 BooksApril vacation proved beneficial to my reading schedule, allowing me to finish six books in the time that would have otherwise been dominated by studying for those pesky AP exams. All of the books in the bunch, which included the fun Sherlock-inspired romp A Study in Charlotte and the harrowing collection of short stories, I See Reality, were incredibly well-written – so much so that picking a favorite would be impossible! Here’s hoping that May’s novels will be just as good.

Cinnamon Crinkle CookiesEats: I only posted one recipe in April, but if my family’s compliments are any indication, Cinnamon Crinkle Cookies is a recipe worth making again and again. Due to everything from the deep cinnamon notes to the delicate dusting of sugar, I wouldn’t be surprised if these cookies earned the accolades of your household too.

Picture Perfect 05{I’d buy any house with a garden as pretty as the one pictured above.}

More: Features more your thing? I have plenty to offer. In a trio of art-related posts, you’ll find: a new edition of Eye on Art, featuring the work of talented illustrators and painters; another round of Font Freebies, because I have yet to find someone who can deny a pretty typeface; and a springy Picture Perfect, for the shoppers and art lovers. I also posted a Do Tell on bookish buzzwords – the words or phrases that make a novel an automatic must-read – if you want to join the conversation.

Studio DIY{via Studio DIY}

Favorites: If your Sunday plans exist of nothing more than catching up on blog posts over a cup of coffee, I think you’re in good company. Here are a few of the posts, articles, and sites I bookmarked throughout the month.

  • Breakfast is, by far, the best meal of the day, a fact illustrated no better than Sarah in her recipe for Hummingbird Pancakes. I’m tempted to run to the store for pineapples and bananas to make a batch in my own kitchen!
  • Turing your handwriting into a font, as explained in this handy-dandy Rookie piece, is far easier than it sounds – and plenty of fun too! Whether it becomes your new font of choice for essays or projects or simply remains on your computer, unused, having your own typeface will, at the very least, be an interesting conversational topic when the weather gets boring.
  • While my sophomore English class may care to disagree, I think there is no finer writer of witty romance than Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice is a classic beloved by many, myself included, so I look forward to reading the P&P adaptation Eligible. Tiff’s review has me thinking I’ll enjoy it.
  • Free downloads and easy crafts are right up my alley, so is it any wonder that I fell in love with these printable notebook covers from Studio DIY? I’m an advocate for decorating office supplies, but the uses of these patterns are endless.
  • I love the idea behind 12 Kinds of Kindness, a social experiment developed by two NY-based designers in an effort  “to open [their] hearts, eyes, and minds.” The project wrapped up a few weeks ago, but their website offers plenty of gems to explore and ponder.
  • Moodboards are my idea of fun, and am I happy that Xan agrees! Her tips on creating book-themed aesthetics are top-notch, and I can’t wait to give them a whirl myself {The Penderwicks begs to be put into visuals}.
  • Finally, cutie Renee had me dreaming of summer when she posted a stylish shirt-shorts combo earlier in the spring. Her patterned shorts pair perfectly with the dotted white top – the popsicle only finishes the outfit off!

May Looking Ahead

{via My Cute Graphics}

Looking Ahead: May is looking good: I start attending rehearsals for my school’s production of Footloose tomorrow; I wrap up my AP courses soon, leaving nothing but projects until the end of the year; and I have prom coming up in just a few short weeks! Of course, what’s most important is the release of Morgan Matson’s new novel – I’m an impatient fan, so I hope to purchase it as soon as it hits shelves :) What’s planned for your May?

Have a terrific rest of your weekend!


2 thoughts on “April 2016 Monthly Recap

  1. Bella!! It’s so nice to get this lovely update on your life after being away from blogging for so long. I’ve so missed the cheeriness that you manage to infuse in all your blog posts! I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of blogging after an ample amount of ‘soul searching’ and I’m so glad that blogging is now fun for me.

    But in other news, I noticed that you read Ruby Redfort! I was in love with the first book years back but never got the chance to read the second one. Is Feel the Fear the third book in the series? How did it measure up for you?


    Liked by 1 person

    • Meghna, it’s so good to hear from you – thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so, so happy that you’ve found your place in the blogging world, and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

      And, YAY, another Ruby Redfort fan! Feel the Fear is actually the fourth book, and it is by far my favorite of the series :)


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