Font Freebies / 10

Hi friends!

Font FreebiesAre you looking forward to the weekend? I’m on spring break as of this afternoon, which means there’s plenty to be excited for: mornings to read the hours away, outings planned with friends, and college tours galore! It’s certainly a fun time of year, but these months are also known to zip by before you can catch your breath. Because of this, I’m fulfilling my creative needs in short bursts by drafting blog posts on the go, mastering my hand lettering as I study, and, of course, when the chances arise, downloading fonts to my heart’s content.

If you’re like me and seem to always be in need of typefaces, I hope my final post of the week will suffice. As part of my long-running feature, Font Freebies, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite font downloads as of late, from a personality-packed reverse-contrast to a tall, handwritten design. I’ve already put them to use in various projects, and I’m sure you’ll find them equally handy in the coming weeks. Do you have any recent font obsessions?

Font Freebies 10

Buffon / Lazy Spring Day / The Heart Maze / Cookies and Milk / Desert Road / Poste

The title is in Crunchy.

Have the most delightful Friday! :)


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