Eye on Art / 14

Hi friends!Eye on ArtWith unusually cold weather for April and day after day of exam preparation both on this week’s agenda, I’ll be the first to admit that motivation is in short supply. In other words, these weekdays can be tough. What can make them better, however? Why, good art of course! It’s been a few months since I last shared an edition of Eye on Art, but I’m excited to return to the feature with three new portfolios I’m digging: the work of an illustrator and surface designer, the digital doodles of a Francophile, and the stunning still-lifes of a UK-based painter. Their respective styles and subject matters may differ, but the level of artistic talent they display, as expected of such a creative bunch, does not. Have you admired any art lately?

Kate PugsleyI find new-to-me artists in a number of ways: blogs, like The Jealous Curator and SF Girl at Bay; magazines, where I can tear out my favorite commissions at my leisure; and perhaps easiest of all, Pinterest, where in just a matter of seconds, I can switch from an interesting pin to a gorgeous online portfolio. Kate Pugsley was one such example; I came across one of her paintings on social media, and it was, as they say, love at first sight.

With an effective use of understated palettes and simple compositions, Kate Pugsley’s illustrations could serve equally well within the pages of a children’s book or hung on a gallery wall. Her pattern work is impressive, as are her drawing of automobiles, but my favorites of her work are the scenes at the beach; she blends vintage touches with a calming backdrop that has me, in this hectic time of year, itching for a trip to the sea. {website}

Lexi NilsonAnother artist who came to my attention recently is Lexi Nilson, an illustrator and photographer with a penchant for punchy color combinations, in addition to all things French. Lexi is experienced in a variety of media, from watercolors to the digital brush, but it’s her figure-oriented eye that has me thinking she’d be right at home with some of the trendiest small businesses {I’m looking at you, Ban.do}.

I must be on a beach kick, for my favorite piece of hers is “Une Nageuse” – the whimsical type and retro swimmer stole my heart. Furthermore, Lexi is just as skillful behind the camera as she is in front of the canvas; I liked too many of her drawings to feature one of her photographs above, but if you fancy a look, I’m fond of her “Lalala” collection. An artistic talent, indeed. {website}

Joël PenkmanFinally, upon first glance, you may think Joël Penman’s artwork are merely photographs of your favorite grocery store brands, but make no mistake: each stunning still-life is painted by her. Using her homemade egg tempera paints, she creates perfect renditions of everyday objects, from a bag of breakfast granola to a box of bakery doughnuts, all of which demonstrate an expert understanding of shadow and color.

Like today’s previous artists, her paintings have a style that brings to mind previous generations; I, for one, cannot look at the ice cream collection without thinking of an old-fashioned sundae parlor or the stack of books without imagining an afternoon of reading on the porch. Just as picking a favorite dessert or book is next to impossible, so is choosing just one painting from Joël’s portfolio. For that reason, I’ll make it simple: I want them all. {website}

Have the loveliest day! :)


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