High Five / 04


High Five 04Happy Saturday! What’s up for your weekend? I woke up bright and early this morning for my license test {!!!} and am now looking forward to a peaceful couple of days at home, an unusual change of pace from this busy time of year. With a good book to finish {Lindsay Eagar’s excellent Hour of the Bees}, cupcakes to frost, and pre-calculus problems to complete, I won’t delay any longer: here’s a small peek into my week!

[1] Theater productions are aplenty in April, but I’m not complaining: I’ll take any opportunity to see a musical or play, and I love the chances to support my talented friends! After catching a performance of Guys and Dolls last weekend, I went out with the same group to a production of School of Rock. Inspired by the hit 2003 film with Jack Black, the musical was brought to the Broadway stage by Andrew Lloyd Webber in December and is now opening up rights to community theaters across the country. The entire cast and crew crushed it, as expected, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had “Stick It to the Man” stuck in my head all day. The videos from the Broadway production capture a similar vibrant energy and passion – I can only hope the professional show makes it way on tour soon!

[2] Movie nights with my sister are becoming a weekly ritual to look forward to, thanks to the large number of outstanding films now out on DVD. A recent selection? The popular Brooklyn, starring Saoirse Ronan and Emory Cohen, that bring viewers to 1950s New York. First released in November, it was an instant favorites, praised by critics and public alike as “a rich period drama that tugs at the heartstrings.” After seeing it in its entirety, I’m inclined to agree; perhaps I’m merely a sucker for historical dramas, but I was captivated by the story – and the production design! I only watched it a few weeks ago, but already am I anxious to see it again. Did you catch Brooklyn at all?

[3] I missed the chance to share a High Five last week, but Student Government Day was too interesting not to share! Massachusetts, a forerunner in educating students about the government and public service, annually holds an event for high schoolers to participate in a simulation of Senate. As the elected delegate for my school, I traveled to the state house last Friday to debate such bills as a motion to prohibit energy drinks for minors and establish living wages for retail and fast-food employees. It was not only an interesting and eye-opening way to learn about the structure of the government, but also an opportunity to meet kids from across the state, something that comes few and far between with other school activities. Though I don’t think I will pursue a career in politics, I’m thankful for the experience all the same.

[4] If you are in need of a new album to listen to or, perhaps better said, obsess over, may I recommend the soundtrack of The Last Five Years? A musical by the successful composer and playwright Jason Robert Brown, it was translated from the stage to the screen in 2014 with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan in the leading roles; the movie caught my sister’s eye on Netflix, and it was only mere hours later that we fell in love with the story and the songs. I’ve since listened to it daily and found “Still Hurting,” “See I’m Smiling,” and “The Schmuel Song,” to be my favorites. Add it in with Hamilton and Waitress, and you’ve got my three favorite musical soundtracks to date.

[5] Finally, I’ve added ABC’s newest program The Catch to my spring watching list, and am I happy I did! Produced by one Miss Shonda Rhimes, it premiered late last month to positive reviews. For those that haven’t seen it, the basic premise: Alice, a private investigator, is conned by her fiancé, leaving her without a trace. The show follows the successful case-by-case weekly format, as Alice helps her clients and searches for more clues about her fiancé. While I’ve been good at keeping up with episodes so far, I’d imagine this would be an excellent show to binge watch come the summer as well. What’s your favorite television show right now?

Have a terrific Saturday!


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