High Five / 03


March 25 High FiveHappy Friday, friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m oh-so excited that the weekend is here – and I’m even happier that spring is well under way! My school schedule may be packed {that’s to explain for the sporadic blogging schedule}, but it helps that I have so much to look forward to in the coming months. Living in the present, however, I thought I’d finish the week off on a good note with another High Five. I replaced my weekly Love Lists with this new feature late last month, and I think it has since been well-received! What are your weekend plans?

[1] I am rarely up-to-date on documentaries, but when the chance arose to watch the award-winning Amy, my mom, dad, and I had at it. I’ve long enjoyed Amy’s music {“Rehab” remains a favorite of mine}, but before seeing the film, I hadn’t realized the extent of her drug and alcohol addiction; the movie does an artful job emphasizing the tragedy of losing a talented artist too soon. Its praise, most notably the Oscar for “Best Documentary Feature” from this past winter, is well-deserved, and I believe it’d make a good choice for your next movie night. Next up on my to-watch list? A Ballerina’s Tale, which tells the story of dancer Misty Copeland.

[2] Easter – and, with it, the end of March – snuck up on me this year, but I can’t complain: I’ve always thought of the holiday as a sign of spring! My family’s Easter festivities are nothing big, but I have little doubt our annual egg hunt, Easter brunch, and trip to the movies will put me in a cheery state of mind. Perhaps my favorite part of Easter weekend is not even on the day itself, but rather, when I bake shortbread bunnies with this classic recipe; I can’t take credit for the ones pictured above, but you can be sure to find me in the kitchen tonight and tomorrow whipping a batch or two up. If you celebrate, what do you do for Easter?

[3] As someone whose playlists generally leans towards electro-pop and musical soundtracks, I have to thank my dad, a music enthusiast if I ever met one, for leading me to Max Richter’s album Sleep. Released last September, the concept behind the “landmark recording” is what the title suggests: it’s a sleep aid for listeners, but I’d argue that it’s also something more, a stunning addition to the composer’s already impressive composition of work. While I never used the tracks for their intended purpose, I found that they work equally well as a peaceful background soundtrack or music in the car. Venturing out in your musical tastes is always a good thing, is it not? :)

[4] There’s plenty to watch on this week’s list! A good friend of mine recommended the film About Time, and with nothing better to do on Sunday night, we watched it together. For those who haven’t already seen it, the premise is all sorts of cute: the main character Tim discovers that the men in his family can travel through time, and in the process of doing so, he falls in love. I thoroughly enjoyed it, a fact I suppose is helped by Rachel McAdams’s role in the movie {I adore not only her, but her character Mary}. I seem to be gravitating towards time travel films as of late – I loved The Age of Adeline with Blake Lively when I watched it last month too!

[5] Finally, call me a new fan of The Americans, the FX hit show about two Soviet spies living in Washington D.C. during the early 1980s. Starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, it has received critical acclaim since it first premiered in 2013, and its fourth season actually started just this month, if that’s any evidence of the program’s success. I jumped in midway through the third season, just as my dad was catching up on it, so I have a few seasons to attend to. I think the pilot should come first! {Psst: If you’re into aesthetics, like me, I dig the show’s opening sequence}.

Have a lovely rest of your day!


4 thoughts on “High Five / 03

  1. My schedule is going to be quite packed in the coming months as well – here’s to making time for blogging! I’m really interested in watching Misty Copeland’s documentary as well, considering I’m a dancer! I’m glad you learned a lot from Winehouse’s documentary. My family doesn’t do much with Easter either, but the pastel dresses are enough to get me excited. I really want to watch About Time & the Age of Adaline!

    Happy Spring, Bella!


  2. yes about time! <33 one of my favourite movies. i've watched it twice now and i think i'm on the verge of buying a physical so i can have it in my possession and rewatch it whenever i please. i love rachel mcadams as well and i loved her role in this movie! i haven't watched amy or a ballerina's tale but they're both on my to watch list! i've recently vowed to watch more documentaries and just found a post of some fashion documentaries that i've now added to my list as well. looking forward to a day when i can stay in and just marathon all the documentaries i want to watch! have a great week bella and i don't think i've ever told you but i love these posts so keep them coming! enjoy hearing about what you've been up to / loving lately :)


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