My Spring 2016 TBR List

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Top Ten TuesdayA good friend of mine recently remarked how much the weather affects their mood, and, to a point, I’m inclined to agree. With spring’s sunny arrival comes a boost in energy, renewed positivity, and, of course, as any bookworm can attest to, a slew of new releases; I’m convinced there’s no easier daymaker than a warm afternoon, an open porch, and a good book. It’s been several weeks since I last participated in The Broke and the Bookish’s terrific feature Top Ten Tuesday, but the opportunity to share a seasonal to-be-read list was calling my name. As always, I strove for variety in drafting my list, but with a strong set of recent publications, complemented by a few backlist titles I’ve had my eye on, the task proved easy. What novels do you want to read this spring?

Wink Poppy MidnightFirst on my list might be one of the most anticipated releases of the season, April Genevieve Tucholke’s Wink Poppy Midnight. A book with this stunning of a cover warrants an equally captivating synopsis, and that it does, promising “three voices that burst onto the page.” Early reviewers have struggled to define it by a single genre {thriller? contemporary? magical realism?}, but the mystery behind it all only has me more excited to grab a copy for myself. {out March 22}

To Catch a CheatIf you’ve read Varian Johnson’s The Great Greene Heist, you know he’s talented in creating a diverse cast of characters and an engaging – and funny! – plot, both skills he’s sure to apply in the sequel, To Catch a Cheat. I would’ve missed the second caper of the Gang Greene had it not popped up in a morning of Goodreads browsing, but thankfully, my local library already has it on their shelves – I just need to check it out! {already out}

Girl Through GlassMy venture into adult literary fiction has all but stopped since I first introduced the idea in the fall, but I’m excited to give it a second attempt with Sari Wilson’s fiction debut, Girl Through Glass. I’m a sucker for ballet stories – blame my love affair with Dance Academy – so I can’t wait to dive into this story that alternates between a modern day college setting and the highly competitive NYC ballet world of 1977. Color me intrigued. {already out}

Raymie NightingaleKate DiCamillo is no stranger of an author, having penned various modern classics, but it’s been a few years since she last wrote and sold a stand-alone novel. You can imagine, then, the pleasant surprise it was to come across a synopsis of Raymie Nightingale; mention well-drawn characters and a small town setting, and I’m sold. The even better news? How it’s coming out in a few short weeks – April couldn’t arrive soon enough. {out April 12}

Dreamers Often LieI know Jacqueline West best by her middle grade series, The Books of Elsewhere, so Dreamers Often Lie was an unexpected, though no less of an exciting, find! The Shakespeare-inspired novel {following an accident, the protagonist has hallucinations of Shakespeare and his characters} sounds beautifully immersive and wonderfully imaginative, all of which is to say that I’ll be reading this as soon as I get my hands on a copy. {out April 5}

The Brightest Stars of SummerWhen I crave a make-my-heart-swell read this spring, I’ll be reaching for Leila Howland’s The Brightest Stars of Summer, a sequel to the adorable The Forget-Me-Not Summer. I fell in love with the Silver Sisters when I first read of them last year, so I’m all sorts of delighted that Howland has provided another adventure, complete with events on the Cape and tension between siblings, for readers to enjoy. It’ll be my post-AP testing treat! :) {out May 17}

The FixerMy newly-acquired love of Scandal is a secret to no one – mysteries are excellent entertainment, but I believe political thrillers are a genre in it of themselves. Though I had originally bypassed The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, upon a second look, it seemed like the perfect fit for this Pope and Associates fan: the main character becomes a “fixer” for her DC-area peers, much like the career held by Olivia Pope herself. Count me in! {already out}

If I Was Your GirlIf the striking cover of Meredith Russo’s debut doesn’t grab your interest, I hope the premise of If I Was Your Girl will: A transgender teen attends a new school and falls for a guy, but is too afraid to open up about her past. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and the author is a trans woman herself, both of which are promising signs. If you’re looking for more diverse reads to add to your TBR stack come May, I think this certainly fits the bill. {out May 3}

As Brave as YouI don’t think I could speak enough about Jason Reynolds’ writing; I recommend his books to friends and blog readers alike, and I’m always in anxious anticipation over his next release, the newest being As Brave as You. Reynolds’ first example of middle grade fiction, it’s sure to find success on the shelves, so long as brothers and main characters Genie and Ernie are as memorable as Matt and Rashad. {out May 3}

The Bell JarThere are a number of classics I hope to read this year, but my priority for the spring is Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. Tracing the main character’s descent into depression, it’s been lauded as an “extraordinary accomplishment” and even inspired a young adult novel, Belzhar. As far as I can remember, Plath’s most popular piece of work is also one of our senior year summer reading options, but, hey, it will just be a chance for me to read it twice! {already out}

Exit, Pursued by a BearWith as intriguing of a title as Exit, Pursued by a Bear, one has to wonder what E.K. Johnston’s most recent novel is about. Fortunately, it takes only a bit of research to get me interested: it has an interesting and relevant premise {inspired by Shakespeare’s The Winter Tale, the book tackles rape culture after the star cheerleader passes out at a party} and better yet, it seems to have been well-received by early readers. Yes and yes. {out today}

The Classy Crooks ClubIf there’s one author I can count on for charming characters and an entertaining story, it’s Alison Cherry – her young adult novel For Real was, quite literally, a smile-inducing story from beginning to end. I expect the very same from her first middle grade book, The Classy Crooks Club. I’d pick it up based on the author’s name alone, but the fact that it’s a children’s mystery is just an added guarantee of my enjoyment. Let’s read it soon. {out March 29}

The Land of 10,000 MadonnasMore often that not, my summer reads consist of lighthearted contemporary novels, but why wait until June to read Kate Hattemer’s The Land of 10,000 Madonnas? Hattemer is the author behind The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy, another book on my never-ending TBR list, and it’s been said that this road trip story contains the same signature wit, humor, and emotion as her debut. Simply put? I can’t wait to get a copy! {out April 19}

My Most Excellent YearI’m fortunate enough to live near An Unlikely Story, a bookstore started and funded by Diary of a Wimpy Kid author, Jeff Kinney. It’s such a cozy and comforting shop; I could spend an entire afternoon there, browsing the shelves for new books to read, and never tire of the activity. It was on one such outing that I discovered Steve Kluger’s My Most Excellent Year. I know nothing of the story beyond its cover and title, but I like going into a book blind. {already out}

Lady RenegadesFinally, I’m looking forward to another adventure of Southern-Belle-turned-paladin Harper Price and her Oracle boyfriend, David Stark, in Rachel Hawkins’ Lady Renegades. It’s the third and final installment in the Rebel Belle series, a set of books I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, so I have my fingers crossed that it ends their story on a good note. Thankfully, I’ll be reading it soon; I only have to get through March before it’s on my nightstand. {out April 5}

Have a wonderful day!


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