Eye on Art / 13

Happy Monday!Eye on ArtHow was your weekend? Did you get any snow? I only have a few days of school left until my February vacation, but this is also the tech week for my school’s Cabaret production; needless to say, it’ll be a busy few days of stage managing, studying for my remaining tests and quizzes, and, of course, sneaking in the newest episode of How to Get Away with Murder :)

Before I focus on stage cues and physics formulas, however, I wanted to share another edition of Eye on Art, a long-running series in which I feature three different designers. As someone who appreciates all things visual, I love the opportunity to share the work of artists I admire, whether they be an illustrator with a fondness for bright colors or a hand-letterer whose form and wit brings a smile to my face – media doesn’t matter so long as the creator has the power to inspire. Have you been crushing on any art this month?

Laura CallaghanIt’s hard to miss a portfolio as colorful and detailed as Laura Callaghan’s work, but it was by only a stroke of luck that I came across her site; I hate to think I could have overlooked it had an image of hers not popped up in my Pinterest feed. Nevertheless, I have since become captivated with Laura’s illustrations, not in the least because of her saturated palettes and layered compositions.

You may label her art provocative, but I think a term better suited to it is, to be blunt, interesting. Study each picture carefully, and you’re sure to find a new element to note each time; study them as a group, and you’ll be quick to see Laura’s skill in proportion and pattern. Picking a favorite from the bunch proved to be an impossible task, so I’ll just ask instead: can she make a coloring book? {website}

Chris DeLorenzoEqually fascinating of an artist, albeit in a much different manner, is Chris DeLorenzo, an illustrator recognized across social media for his minimalistic style and unique perspective. These traits are no better seen than in the images above, such as the boat floating on a sea of books or the woman enjoying a day on the beach.

Also worth noting: geometric shapes and clean rough edges are signature elements to his artwork, a rising trend I have noticed many artists attempt to emulate, but only a few, like Chris, to truly master. He works in a limited color palette, an unusual, but entirely effective choice. And, finally, he’s not afraid to make a statement with his illustrations, if it means the viewer will ponder what he presents. To put it simply? I really dig his work. {website}

Carla HackettLast, but certainly not least, is Carla Hackett, a letterer based in Australia. I’m a sucker for examples of gorgeous typography {graphic designer at heart I am}, so it was love at first sight when I came across her portfolio. She works both on paper and on the computer, producing logos, advertisements, and posters, a few of which you can see above.

Carla’s personality shines through each piece, so that her work is fun and inviting comes as no surprise. Her script has an elegant, almost retro quality, while her other letterforms demonstrate a trained eye in typography. I aspire to reach the same skill in lettering, but, for now anyways, I’ll settle on imagining a piece of hers on my wall, t-shirt, or tote bag – nice type deserves to be displayed. {website}

Have an amazing start to your week!


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