Font Freebies / 09


Font FreebiesWhat’s up for your weekend? Do you plan to finish off January on a good note? I hope to do the same: I have an outing with friends this afternoon, a stack of new books from the library to read, and Valentine’s Day cookies to start baking, all of which is to say a good weekend is in store! Before I sign off for the week, however, I wanted to pop in with another set of Font Freebies. My winter months are packed, without a doubt, but I’ve found the past few weeks have left me inspired more than anything else; in other words, I have a strong urge to create, and to do that, I’ll need a good typeface to which to turn.

Fortunately, if the fonts below are any indication, I’m not the only one finding artistic motivation in these cold winter months! I’ve included a variety of my recent favorites, from the whimsical thin-serif font DK John Brown to the gorgeous, sophisticated script Shorelines. I think I’ll be putting these to good use come February with cards to give and play programs to create. Which typeface catches your eye?

Font Freebies 09DK John Brown / Heartbeat Synchronicity / Beacon / Flamingo Licht / Shorelines / The Red Horse

The title is in Guld Script.

Have a lovely and relaxing end to your week! :)

All the best, B

Psst. For your weekend reading, my review of Breakaway, young adult novels recommended by and for teens {find mine!}, a candid interview with the YHL bloggers, and Hamilton valentines, of course.


8 thoughts on “Font Freebies / 09

  1. i’m a sucker for handwritten cursive fonts so i am loving shoreline. like can i adopt it as my own cursive handwriting?? so pretty! but i also love beacon and flamingo licht and the red horse.


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