Ten Books I Recently Added to My TBR List {Winter 2016 Edition}

Hi!Top Ten TuesdayWhen Borders went out of business several years ago, I was devastated. I was {and still am!} a regular face at my town’s library, popping in anywhere from one to four times a week, but there’s something to be said about browsing in a bookstore; so long as I have a pen and paper in hand, I can easily spend the day away looking for a new read. Fortunately, my worries about the lack of a local bookshop were unfounded: as I delved into blogging the same year of Borders’ closing, I learned that book blogs and recommendation sites are of just as much value to a frequent reader. I thought about this as I chose titles for today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt, Ten Books We Recently Added to Our TBR Lists, because regardless of where I first “found” these novels, so to speak, one thing remains the same: that I am plenty excited to read each and every one. What books made your list?

Oh, and as always, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted weekly by The Broke and the Bookish – it’s a fun time if you’re looking to join in!

This Savage SongVictoria Schwab is not new to the publishing scene, nor, if one looks at her work slated for release, does she give any indication of going away! I added This Savage Song, the first installment in her newest series, after it came up in a discussion between the Lit Up Review team – one glance at my synopsis, and my interest was piqued. Her most popular title, A Darker Shade of Magic, and its sequel are also on my TBR list, so I’m looking at a fantasy-heavy reading pile this summer, to all of which I say: yes please. {out June 7}

Like MandarinSometimes, all that’s needed to convince me a novel is worth looking into is a few sentences of praise. Case in point? Kirsten Hubbard’s Like Mandarin, which I discovered through Emily’s best books of the year. I had not heard of Hubbard’s debut before – or, if I had, it escaped my memory – but I’ll be sure to take Emily’s advice, reading it in May “when the world is bursting into life and begging for a vivacious, vibrant story as explosive as the change in season.” I’m sold. {already out}

The Death and Life of Zebulon FinchEntertainment Weekly is not my typical go-to source for book recommendations, but when Daniel Kraus’ epic of a novel – The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch weighs in at 656 pages – kept appearing on their pages, I knew it needed a spot on my TBR list. If the cover is not enough to interest you, I think the synopsis will: the main character, “a swaggering seventeen-year-old gangster,” is murdered only to be resurrected mere minutes later. I know what I’m reading next Halloween! {already out}

All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. CookThroughout elementary and middle school, I devoured one realistic fiction novel after the next {it’s no surprise then that today, contemporary remains my favorite genre}. I can no longer recall each and every book I read, but I can remember many of the authors, including the talented Leslie Connor. Her newest publication, All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook, grabbed my attention with its lengthy title, and I’ve been awaiting this middle grade’s release ever since. {out March 1}

FirstsI keep an eager eye out for debuts, but for whatever reason, Laurie Elizabeth Flynn’s novel, known as a feminist and sex-positive read, almost escaped my notice! Thankfully, it took only a few glowing posts from my fellow Lit Up Review bloggers {Grace and Willa, in particular} to remind me to add it to my Goodreads shelves and check it out from the library. I’m crossing my fingers I find myself in the same boat of praise. {already out}

How to Hang a WitchI live by the philosophy that the more giveaways I enter for new books, the higher of a chance I’ll actually win one. While this method has yet to be proven true or not, it has led me to look into many interesting titles coming out this year. Jen, the blogger at Pop! Goes the Reader, was kind of enough to host a contest for Adriana Mather’s debut, How to Hang a Witch, about the Salem Witch Trials, earlier in the fall. I may not have won, but I can’t be too disappointed: it’s what introduced me to the story! {out July 26}

Sounds Like MeI’ve taken a liking to reading memoirs after a draining week at school; I can typically finish them in an afternoon, and it’s a welcome change of pace from my English assignments and fictional reads. It was only natural that I then add Sara Bareilles’ book, Sounds Like Me: My Life {So Far} in Song, to my TBR list; my love of nonfiction is matched by my love of her music. Furthermore, the creative direction of the cover has my heart singing – basically, it’s a win-win all around. {already out}

This is My Brain on BoysSarah Strohmeyer could write anything for the YA audience, and I know I’ll end with a smile on my face – she has become one of my go-to authors for cute contemporary novels. I had been listening for news over her next book, but it was only until recently that I discovered its title and release date: This is My Brain on Boys, due for publication in May. I’m so glad it will be released before my birthday, as the smart narrator and Jane Austen inspired storyline both sound right up my alley. {out May 10}

The GalleryLaura Marx Fitzgerald wrote a terrific debut a few years ago, but I’ll be the first to admit that I read it, enjoyed it, then forgot all about it. It was a trip through my review archives that prompted me to look into her sophomore novel, and am I happy that I did! I’ve never been one to turn down an art mystery, but even if I was, The Gallery, set in the 1920’s and narrated by a witty twelve-year-old, would still sound utterly enchanting. I can’t wait. {out June 14}

Roller GirlFinally, Victoria Jamieson’s graphic novel, Roller Girl, was among the many books awarded last week, and from the reviews alone, it’s easy to tell why. Raina Telegemeier offered her compliments, while another reader explained that “good authors capture children’s inability to understand other people and the confusion that comes with growing up. Victoria Jamieson does just that,” so needless to say, I hope to check out this colorful gem from the library soon. {already out}

Have a lovely Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “Ten Books I Recently Added to My TBR List {Winter 2016 Edition}

  1. This is such a great list, and I approve of Like Mandarin most of all. :) I share your opinion on Sarah Strohmeyer exactly, and I cannot wait for what is sure to be another delightful story from her. And I just added The Gallery to my TBR – if the blurb (which sounds right up my alley) hadn’t convinced me, the cover certainly would have. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you love all of the titles you listed!

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