My Favorite Pinterest Accounts


Study after study has shown that in today’s society, there are more ways to connect with one another than ever before, due, in large part, to social media. I can reach out to my distant relatives on Facebook, compliment a blogger’s site on Twitter, and post a snapshot from my afternoon to my friends on Instagram – and that’s in just one day! I’ve grown up with these accounts, and I still have to wrap my head around that sheer fact.

I’m among the many who have a love-hate relationship with it all. However, for whatever cons that come with social media, there are a number of positive benefits to these accounts as well. Though it has waned in popularity since its initial introduction, particularly with the addition of recommended pins, I still find Pinterest a valuable artistic resource – and, with that, I consider it my favorite form of social media. Some people utilize it like a memory board, saving useful pins for future reference, but I like to approach it as a creative challenge: how do I develop an aesthetic that fits my creative vision? And, hey, if you’re looking for a simple way to pass the time, you could do worse than refreshing your Pinterest feed.

If you’re in need of new accounts to follow, I’ve got you covered: below you’ll find five bloggers and/or creatives that I enjoy pinning from. Who or what do you look to for visual inspiration?

Abby IngwersenAbby Ingwersen @laceandlilacs | If you want a feed to satisfy your wanderlust, I think you could do no better than to follow Abby Ingwersen. A blogger and an avid Francophile, Abby frequently pins stunning photographs from around the world, some of which are her very own! Furthermore, I’ve found inspiration in her pins – in the form of recipes, quotes, or fashion – countless times. It’s no wonder she’s garnered so many earnest followers across her online presence – she has a cool-girl vibe that’s hard to beat.

Alex RyAlex Ry @alexandriary | I have a soft spot for good typography, and from the looks of her pins, it appears that Alex Ry, a photographer, designer, and creator according to her bio, does as well! I’ve come to expect stunning examples of hand-lettering and graphic design from her feed {it’s no wonder I’ve found many of my favorite artists through her pins}, and she’s careful to keep them consistent with her minimalistic sense of style. Alex is a gem on Instagram too; clearly, you can’t go wrong by following her.

Bri EmeryBri Emery @designlovefest | Just like her ever popular blog, Design Love Fest, Bri’s Pinterest feed could very well be “where type and images totally make out.” I adore the quirky and colorful pins she finds, whether it’s outstanding hand-written type, boundary-pushing photos, or something as silly as a poodle sitting at a dining table. Bri has curated a feed that’s unique to her, if fun to follow, and I think that’s using Pinterest right.

Dorothy WDorothy W. @dorothyw | Dorothy is another blogger with a popular Pinterest feed, and for good reason: she applies her love of all things stylish, bright, and witty to her posts and pins. A college student majoring in childhood education, Dorothy shares an abundance of florals, a number of good quotes, and plenty of preppy outfits on Pinterest; on her blog, Prep in Your Step, she shares productivity tips, organizational supplies, and lists galore. In other words? If I need a quick reason to smile, I know where to look.

Elise JosephElise Joseph @pennyweight | Finally, Elise Joseph works as an art director and a brand developer, careers that have clearly developed her eye for aesthetics. Elise’s feed has remained one of my favorites since I joined Pinterest, for I can count on her elegant taste and sense of color for a lovely batch of pins. If you, like me, have any interest in interior design, high fashion, or cool art pieces, I’ll send you to her account now {and then, perhaps, you’ll want to check out her blog}.

Have a delightful Monday!


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