Picture Perfect / 04

Hello, hello!

Picture PerfectWhen the snow piles up week after week, when the warmest of my sweaters lose their appeal, when school seems to be a never-ending cycle of assignments, I know I’ve hit my winter wall: the time in which even I, lover of all seasons and a fairly happy-go-lucky person, can only wish for the warmer temperatures to arrive. Though I’ve yet to hit that point this year, it’s a comfort to know that I’m only a light read, a floral top, or an art piece away from putting myself in the summer frame of mind – an idea I put to use in this month’s Picture Perfect. For those new to the series, here’s how it works: I simply take a photograph that I admire and craft a collection of items around it. Easy as pie, just what we need for this Monday morning.

Oh Joy Picture Perfect January 2016{via}

Oh Joy! is a site I’ve long read and admired, so it was only a matter of time until I featured one of the team’s stunning images; it surely helps that Joy Cho, the founder of the blog, and her creative team have an aesthetic un-matched in the blogging community. Though each post they produce is worth a read, it was the recent interview with Justina Blakeney, a self-taught prop stylist, that caught my eye for this round of Picture Perfect; Blakney’s bohemian style led to an interesting – and colorful! – set of photos. I channeled the same sense of coziness and wanderlust on my search for items, deciding upon a cream knit sweater and simple graphic pillow, among others. What objects are your favorite?

Picture Perfect January 20161 ◊ Silent Journey Art Print from Etui by Mateja Kovač

2 ◊ Cable Drop Sweater in Ecru from Boden

3 ◊ Notebook in Modern Natural Triangles from May Designs

4 ◊ Gloriosa Mug in Mint from Anthropologie

5 ◊ Mod Botanical Throw Pillow in Black Stripe from The Land of Nod

6 ◊ The Hundred Foot Journey from Amazon

7 ◊ The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder from Amazon

Have a delightful Monday!


8 thoughts on “Picture Perfect / 04

  1. i love the picture you chose bella! this has always been one of my favourite features you do, mostly because i love finding new things to lust after but also because i feel like you have such a good eye for theme and colour and design and every single time, your end product is so cohesive and obviouslyyy this time is no different. i love the anthropologie mug! one can never have too many mugs :)

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    • Thank you so much, Annie! I love this feature as well, mainly for the same reason you listed – I’ll never turn down an excuse to online shop :)

      And, YES, of course – I wholeheartedly approve collecting mugs.


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