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Hi everyone!Love ListHappy Sunday! Are you hanging in there until your winter vacation? Are you already on break? {In which case, let me say: you’re a lucky duck} I have a few things to finish up before my final push of school – French and physics assignments to complete, gifts to wrap, and holiday cookies to bake – but first, I wanted to post a Love List, for blogging makes any leisurely weekend morning better. Crazily enough, I haven’t shared one in over a month, so you’ll find a selection of things from my December! What are your Sunday plans?

Big Magic1 ♥ Big Magic Though I don’t check them out as much as I would like, I love a good nonfiction book. I’m fascinated by the world around me, and I’ve found that nonfiction, be it a memoir or an essay, serves my curiosity well. One of my more recent delves into the genre was Elizabeth Gilbert’s meditation on creativity, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. You may recognize Gilbert from her Eat, Pray, Love fame, but her most recent work is less a memoir than a discourse – and one on an interesting subject at that. She questions what it is to be an artist, what brings inspiration, and what spurs and maintains passion, and though she provides her own answers, she rarely attacks the reader with her beliefs. I encourage anyone in a creative field, from bloggers to painters, photographers to authors, to check it out for themselves, as I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The Wiz Live2 ♥ The Wiz Live NBC’s live musicals, Sound of Music, Peter Pan, and most recently, The Wiz, are somewhat of a hit or a miss; the innovative structure has both helped and hindered actors in the past. Despite the lackluster response of last year’s performance {New York Times writes that Peter Pan “couldn’t entirely live up to NBC’s puffed-up expectations”}, the network pushed on, and are we lucky that they did! Starring cutie Shanice Williams as Dorothy, The Wiz is an impressive production – I daresay call it the best of the three – that foreshadows a promising future for the genre. It’s been on twice now, giving you plenty of opportunities to admire the vocal talent of its cast and their stunning costumes :) Did you enjoy The Wiz?

White Christmas Musical3 ♥ White Christmas I proclaim to be a Christmas movie aficionado, but I’ll share a secret with you: I haven’t watched White Christmas in years. How such a holiday classic has escaped my viewing schedule for so long, I don’t know, but this year, I chose to take its musical adaptation as a worthwhile substitute. Irving Berlin’s White Christmas is currently on tour across the country, and my mom, sister, and I were fortunate enough to grab rush tickets for a recent performance. I’m delighted that we were able to see the show, for what the story lacks in depth is more than made up in humor {In other words? This fun production had me smiling the entire time}. From the vintage inspired set pieces to the extravagant coordinating costumes, every element of the show is a lasting memory for the audience. I’ll serve as evidence – I’ve been humming “Blue Skies” all week long!

Big Band Holidays4 ♥ Big Band Holidays As soon as Halloween is over, I consider it appropriate to listen to Christmas music. Others may argue that’s too early, but when you love the season as much as I do, you know you have only so much time to fit it all in! This year, however, my listening wasn’t limited to the holiday radio; just this month, my family and I attended a concert of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis for their annual Big Band Holidays performance. I adored the night out, not only because of the seasonal song selections, but also due to the immense talent of the musicians {the Pandora jazz station fails to compare to hearing it live}. I left in a happy holiday spirit, as you’ll surely feel if you give their album a listen. Do you like Christmas music?

Winter Break{via}

5 ♥ Winter Break Finally, I have just three more school days until I’m off for winter break, and I couldn’t be more excited for the week-long vacation! I’m looking forward to seeing my extended family, hanging with friends, and enjoying my time at home. And with that, I wish you a lovely Sunday!



4 thoughts on “loving >> week 166

  1. I’m the exact same way! As soon as November 1st dawns, I take down the fake cobwebs and spiders and turn up the Christmas music. It drives my friends (and roommate!) crazy, but it’s worth it– there’s only so much time to listen to it before Christmas has come and gone! Good luck with your last few days of school before break!

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  2. Christmas time is a time full of loves! I’m not familiar with some of the things on your list, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it very much!
    Ive seen Big Magic in the shopping centre a few times whenever I wander into the book section of my store, and while my hands almost grabbed it a couple of times, I never brought myself to pick it up! Maybe I actually will pick it up this time!

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