Eye on Art / 12

Hello!Eye on ArtAnother Friday, another week gone! I try not to think of the year’s end {you might say I’m living in blissful denial} as I’m all at once astonished, nostalgic, and excited when I do. How are we already at the final month of 2015? As we approach the weekend, I’ll have mindfulness on the brain – and, of course, a healthy dose of holiday cheer.

In other news, a new Eye on Art, a long-running feature where I showcase some of my favorite artists, seemed a fitting conclusion to this leisurely week of events. Though I’ve long had creative hobbies, it can be difficult to devote time to them in the day-to-day rush of the school week; a free afternoon reminds me just how fun doodling, crafting, or finding other portfolios can be. Consuming art can be just as beneficial as creating it, an important reminder I think I’ll carry with me into the new year. Have any artists caught your attention lately?

Olivia HuynhAnne of Green Gables fans likely noticed the Google Doodles in honor of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s birthday just a few weeks ago {they’re day-makers, if you want to take a peek}, but did you know that Olivia Huynh was the talented artist behind them? An animator and illustrator, she brings the same colorful eye and keen character expressions as in the Anne images to her portfolio.

From her endless background studies to her witty comics, it’s clear that Olivia has found success in weaving her illustration work with implied, if not outright stated, stories. My favorite piece of hers, however, is not done digitally, but in ink: her sketch of a stranger with her nose in a book. Once a bookworm, always a bookworm, I suppose :) {website}

Heather LandisArtist Heather Landis works in a much different media, identifying as a photo illustrator, photographer, and retoucher on her website. I find her collages fascinating {perhaps because when it comes to retouching my own pictures, I can only work the basics}, and so I quickly fell for Heather’s prints that bring together statements – “Play the day away.” “No thanks, I’m good.” – with an image and textured background.

Upon further research, though, it’s hard to pick a decisive favorite from her portfolio; it wouldn’t be fair given how she pushes the boundary with each piece she creates. I think I’ll settle for admiring her style as an artist: provocative, interesting, and all-around really cool. {website}

Kat GrabowskiFinally, many of the artists I’ve come to admire I find, simply, through other blogs. Case in point? Kat Grabowski, a photographer whose site I stumbled upon in the process of keeping my tech pretty with DesignLoveFest’s downloads. At first glance, I was captivated with Kat’s ability to capture the great outdoors, a feeling later confirmed with her Wilderness project, “which involves the documentation of exploring a new outdoor space every week” per her bio.

In each of her photographs, the landscape becomes a subject itself, such as the gorgeous trees in the upper left image or the dark water in the bottom picture. Looking through her work has me wanting to pull out my own camera, which should serve as credence to her immense talent. {website}

Have the loveliest of weekends!


8 thoughts on “Eye on Art / 12

  1. i love this feature bella! you always manage to find the most interesting and coolest artists. particularly like heather landis’ work. her work on the upper right reminds me of mad miss mimic’s cover!

    Liked by 1 person

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