Font Freebies / 07


Font FreebiesLong time, no see, my friends! I had no intention of posting so little last week, but, as I’m sure you can understand, time simply escaped from me in the midst of tech rehearsals {I’m stage managing my school’s fall play, Proposals}, student council meetings {we’re planning the Powderpuff game}, and homework sessions {trig graphs are a pain to draw}. I’m lucky to be involved in activities that I love, but I’ll be the first to admit that a night at home and new font downloads are the best ways to end a busy week.

As is always the case with Font Freebies, I’m sharing a few of my recent typography finds, and again, per usual, there’s a variety in the round-up below. The different styles make picking a favorite of the bunch near impossible, but I do gravitate towards the texture in Chasing Embers and Love Rock – I adore a good case of interesting script! Have you downloaded any unique fonts lately?

Font Freebies 07Austie Bost Juliana / Love Rock / Chasing Embers / Moriston Personal {shown in Semi-Bold} / DJB The Generic / KG Summer Storm

The title is in DJB Dear Mr. Claus.

Have a wonderful day!


13 thoughts on “Font Freebies / 07

  1. I didn’t used to think font was important, but once I started making Featured Images for my blog, I am totally obsessed. And you’re font freebies are definitely one of my favorites! I love the Chasing Embers texture! Very good choices!

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