loving >> week 163

Love ListAnother school week gone means another Love List to post! October has been lovely thus far, and I hope that I can end the month on a similarly good note. I recently remarked to my sister that I’ve seen so much excellence in art – books, essays, films, music, and the like – this month, and if that doesn’t make you happy or serve as motivation, I don’t know what will. Anyhoo, onto the fun stuff. I’m loving…

Suffragette1 ♥ Suffragette If there’s a better time of year for releases at the cinema, I’d like to know! With both Oscars hype and holiday preparation at a high, it’s no wonder a wide variety of subjects and genres can be seen on the big screen from now until winter, and it’s no more of a surprise that the majority of these movies are well-received by film critics and casual watchers alike. A kid at heart, I typically look forward to animated specials {and I still do – The Peanuts Movie, anyone?!}, but I’ve been drawn to more dramas as of late, such as Friday’s release Suffragette. Starring Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter, it explores the British women’s suffrage movement, and, from the looks of the trailer, it seems all sorts of terrific. Its limited release doesn’t help my case, but I hope to catch it on DVD! Do you have any interest in Suffragette?

Supergirl Supergirl My television watching has been sparse this month {blame it on a packed agenda}, but I’m definitely carving out time in my schedule to watch the pilot of CBS’s new show Supergirl. Melissa Benoist of Glee fame takes on the role of Supergirl, the biological cousin of Superman, in her new program, and though I know little of DC Comics characters, I’ve been assured my ignorance won’t affect my enjoyment of the show. Furthermore, it has received positive review after positive review, so I have high hopes for the first season’s success. Long story short, I couldn’t be more excited for its premiere on Monday! Will you be watching?

She and Him Classics3 ♥ She and Him: Classics I think the word the best sums up my music taste is “eclectic.” I’m just as happy listening to a Broadway tune as I am a Top 40 hit, I have both rock and classical music on my favorite playlists, and I will list everyone from Taylor Swift to Jake Bugg as preferred artists. My most recent obsession? She and Him’s album Classics, a collection of covers released this past winter. The fifth album created by collaborators Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, the record has an impressive listing of tracks, such as “Oh No, Not My Baby” and “She.” Fan I’m in, I’m inclined to call it near perfect, and I’ve loved listening to it as I write blog posts or work on APUSH assignments. My love-fest with all She and Him albums continues.

Ample Hills Creamery4 ♥ Ample Hills Creamery Ice cream and October is an unlikely combination {particularly in the seasonal, if sometimes cold, New England}, but my family takes any chance to whip up, or, I suppose in my case, try, a new flavor. Simply put: homemade ice cream is a household staple, just as much as good books and episodes of Gilmore Girls :) For my sister’s birthday, I gifted her Ample Hills Creamery, a cookbook based off of “Brooklyn’s Favorite Ice Cream Shop,” and I won’t lie, I think I like the present as much as she does! From a recipe standpoint, authors Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna are clearly experts in their craft, sharing one delicious flavor after another; from a design standpoint, the whimsical illustrations and playful typography truly make the cookbook. Ice cream aficionados will eat this one up, regardless of the weather outside.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies5 ♥ Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Finally, when I’m not trying a new recipe that I photograph and post, I’m baking an old favorite, whether it be a batch of blondies, a serving of fudgy brownies, or a tray of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! Smitten Kitchen recently shared her own rendition of the afterschool classic, and after one glance at her post, it was basically love at first sight. I made one batch last weekend and they were so well received by the family that I pulled out the same ingredients to make another round to send to my older brother. I can’t take any credit for the deliciousness – I simply added a cup of chocolate chips – so I will simply direct you to the instructions. They’re as yummy as they sound!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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