Do Tell / A Day in the Life

Hi!Do TellPerhaps it’s due to my obsession with organization or, maybe, it’s simply the science behind it, but I have a strange fascination with routine. What do we choose to do day after day? Why do we keep certain habits? How does one’s schedule change throughout the week? As someone who frequently makes use of to-do lists and makes an effort to “live in the moment,” I believe that finding a balanced routine for daily life is important – and I’m clearly not alone in my interest!

Day in the Life posts are incredibly popular among bloggers, in part because they fit any site and any occupation. For this month’s Do Tell post, I wanted to present my own edition, taking you through one of my typical school days. It’s not that I think you were particularly seeking my hour-by-hour schedule – trust me, you’ve done one math assignment, and you’ve done them all – but rather, I think these posts are interesting in the sense of taking a walk in another one’s shoes! How do our schedules compare?

Wake-UpI begin my day around 5:15. I’m an early riser, and though I don’t wake up with buckets of energy and a smile on my face, I do consider myself a morning person! Sunrise is where it’s at. I like to eat breakfast – my day doesn’t truly start without it – before I make my bed, get changed, and do my hair. If time allows, I’ll also use the morning to catch up on blog reading, reply to comments, read a chapter or two, or study for an upcoming quiz. I’m out the door with my dad and sister by 7:05 {I’m not a licensed driver yet!}.

Pre-CalcMy school runs on a five period, three-trimester schedule, with the classes reversing each week. The past few days, for example, I’ve had pre-calculus first period, whereas next week, I’ll have it during last block. The bell rings at 7:25, so I make sure I’m in my seat with my homework ready to go.

Math is where I differ with some of my friends; I actually enjoy working with numbers in the more difficult topics! We are currently discussing logarithms and exponential functions; it’s a nice “easy” unit, so to speak, before we move on to trigonometry.

EnglishMy next period is English. I’m taking AP Language and Composition this year, and I love the curriculum. As any regular reader of my book reviews knows, I’m have an analytical style of writing, which fits well with the class’ focus on rhetorical techniques. Discussing what is effective in a piece of fiction or nonfiction is right up my alley, and I hope the course will continue to challenge me as a writer. The debates are an added plus!

TeammateI’m lucky to have two electives this term {come talk to me in the spring, where I shift to an all-academic schedule}, one of which is a course called Project Teammate. This class partners up a peer mentor with a special needs student{s}, and they work together to develop vocation and physical skills. My teammates are the sweetest, and I’m convinced we couldn’t have a better job: organizing the shelves and assisting the school librarian. The first half of class, then, is spent in the library, while the second half is typically outside for a gym activity.

YearbookFollowing third period I have lunch, and then I head off to Yearbook, my second elective of the trimester. Any class that allows me to practice and talk graphic design is more than fine by me, so this art course and I were a natural fit :) The first deadline is in December, so we’ve recently been working on the fall sports pages and determining the layouts of our divider pages. Fun stuff, in my humble opinion.

HistoryTo finish my day of classes, I have AP United States History during last period. I think my countless historical fiction recommendations are indication enough; I really, really like learning about the past. I would be lying, though, if I didn’t admit how fast-paced this course is – we’re in our second month of school, and we’ve already made it to James Madison’s presidency! Much of the class is devoted to exam preparation, such as analyzing documents, developing thesis statements, and drawing conclusions with historical context.

ActivityThough the bell has rung at 1:50, my day is far from over! I almost always have some extracurricular to go to, whether it be math tutoring with middle school students or a student council meeting to discuss our junior-senior prom {?!}. Recently, I’ve been planning a bake sale with the other class officers, coordinating dates and rehearsals for the one-act play festival, and attending Common Connections meetings, an organization similar to Project Teammate, but held afterschool. It’s certainly busy, but I enjoy and am passionate about the activities I’m involved in – and I’m so grateful for the opportunities and my supportive parents.

HomeworkBy the time I get home, it’s usually around 4:00. At this time, I decompress a bit by grabbing a snack, checking my email, and doing some simple blog maintenance before staring on my homework. The time it takes to finish my assignments ranges anywhere from an hour and a half to five – it depends on the day! I think any student can agree: time management is crucial in high school.

WorkoutUnless we are all on the go, my family typically eats dinner together. Afterwards, I try to wrap up any of my lingering homework, and then I usually schedule in a workout. It’s nothing big – I lack the time and rides to go to the gym – but my yoga and strengthening routines are enough to keep stress to a minimum and me feeling healthy. Win-win all around!

RandomIf it’s a busy night of homework, I will continue to work on school assignments after I shower. Otherwise, it’s time to tackle everything else in my agenda: performing arts emails, student council reminders, Lit Up Review posts, Doll Mag articles, and anything on my running list of Ciao Bella-related tasks. My to-do lists are unrealistic, but I would rather have it all on paper than in my head, and I am much better about lessening personal pressure on myself – who needs that extra stress? I do what I can before 10:00-ish, at which time I prepare for the next day by packing my bag and laying out my clothes.

ReadFinally, I like to read anything I can before I fall asleep! This sometimes means only ten minutes on a tiring week, but other times, I can read for a good forty minutes before I shut off my lights at 11:00. It helps when I’m in the middle of an excellent book.

Whew! That was a typical day in my life. Now it’s your turn! What is your daily routine?

Have an excellent Wednesday!


15 thoughts on “Do Tell / A Day in the Life

  1. Hi, Bella!
    For the first time in my life I meet a person who is equally good at math and art. I’m a morning person too but I hated math as a student : )
    P.S. I wish I would have known how important time management was during my school days.

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    • Marta, thank you for commenting! It started my day on a lovely note :) The people who love math and the people who enjoy art rarely mix at my school – it seems to be a common trend for whatever odd reason! I never really enjoyed math until I reached Algebra 2 as a sophomore, so I understand you there. And time management is so important! It’s definitely something I could continue to improve on, but, you’re right, it’s a valuable skill for life. Thank you again for stopping by!

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  2. I would certainly like to say I’m as organized and focused as you, but I am definitely not! However, I am home-schooled which means I have a very laid-back and loose schedule. I have lots of breaks and time to spend with my family or doing extracurriculars. I schedule how much schoolwork I do each day on Friday, depending on what other things I have going on that day. I’m doing sewing, writing, piano, and bible classes throughout the week, so somedays I have light school days and somedays I get a lot done. Also, my homeschool group has a yearbook and student council, so that’s super fun. Since I can create my own schedule, I have lots of time for reading and blogging (though not recently, as my blog hiatus will prove, haha!), and going on fun vacations with my family and I love it. :)

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    • Emily, I think home-schooling is so cool; I’ve always enjoyed hearing about it from other bloggers! I think the ability to create your schedule is an interesting way to approach education, and it sounds like you’re more organized than you give yourself credit for :) And I feel you on the change in assignments/hobbies/extracurriculars – some days are just more packed than others! May I ask how homeschooling yearbook/student council works?! I’m intrigued! And you end with the most important comment: so as long as you love your schedule and routine, you’re doing something right. Thank you for stopping by!


  3. I love your “Do Tell” posts, Bella! It’s so lovely to get to know my fellow bloggers better, and this post made me realize we have more in common than I thought. Aside from both being morning people, we share the same affection for math, which I don’t often see in the blogging community. (Is is bad that I kind of, in a strange and twisted way, miss AP calculus, which I took last year?) Teammate sounds like a great program, and your assignment is perfect. And yearbook! I can totally see you laying out beautiful pages and being an all-around brilliant staffer. I’m the editor of my school’s newspaper, so we should chat about student publications problems sometime. :)

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    • Emily, thank you! They are so fun to write, and I love reading the comments on these discussion posts. Regarding math, I’ve seen the same thing in the blogging community; I’m convinced we math lovers are all hiding! :) My high school only allows seniors to take AP Calculus, but {so long as I keep my A throughout the year!} I’m looking forward to taking the course next year. And, shucks, thank you again! I love the yearbook class, and I’ve found putting together the layouts and interviewing students a nice creative diversion in a busy school day. Newspaper sounds very cool – I’m not at all surprised that you’re the editor! – and I’m sure we come across similar problems in our publications. Thank you for such a lovely comment!


  4. this is so interesting! i love a day in my life posts and yours was really cool to read because it’s so different from mine! although i think it’s more of a school / educational system thing? because my school starts at 8:50 and we have four periods in a day. school ends at 3:05 and then afterwards we go home or stay for whatever extracurricular! so anyway really interesting to see how your day goes! and GORGEOUS graphics. i couldn’t stop drooling over them haha

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    • Oh, that is interesting! I would love to go to school a bit later in my morning – 8:50 sounds lovely – but I’m not so sure whether or not I would want to leave school at a later time. You can’t have it all, I suppose! And thank you! I had a blast making the graphics :)


  5. Oooh I really liked this post! It really is interesting how different our days go about. I know how it feels ot have “unrealistic” to do lists. Sometimes, I write down like 10 million things to do and only get four things done aha… Also, I really like your graphics hehe. Thanks for sharing!


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    • Isn’t it?! I love reading these types of posts. And, yes, I definitely have a problem with unrealistic to-do lists! It’s okay, though, so long as it motivates me and doesn’t stop me from working {although a lazy day never hurt anyone either} :) And thank you! I was digging the colors. Thanks for commenting!


  6. First of all: HOW DO YOU GET UP AT 5:15?!? I would die if I had to get up that early.

    Anyhow…I must say I’m really impressed that you like math. I’ve never been much of a math person, but I admire people who are good at it. And it’s so cool that you’re on the yearbook club! (Not that I’m surprised, because your graphics are amazing!) That sounds like it would be such a fun activity to do. Thanks for sharing this Bella and, as always, fabulous post! <3

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    • Haha, Zoe, I’ve grown used to it! I think it’s a combination of my love of the morning and my early school start time. And in the same sense as you with math, I admire anyone who is good at music; I quit piano because I couldn’t motivate myself to practice, but I still adore seeing school band and orchestra concerts because everyone is so talented! And thank you for the compliment! Yearbook has been a blast so far, and I love that it’s a class during my school day! Thank you for stopping by :)


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