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Love ListAs I often say, we are nothing if not flexible here at Ciao Bella. Weekend Love Lists have been more frequent to my liking, but regardless, the purpose of this long-lasting feature remains the same: to share what made my week. After wrapping up several tests and essays on Friday, this open weekend came as a comfort {I’m such a homebody :)}, and I’m taking the time to recharge and catch up; I have a sizeable reading pile and a long list of blogging tasks to attend to! Anyhoo, here’s what loved this week – how was yours?

The Muppets1 ♥ The Muppets Full disclaimer: I haven’t watched the first full episode of the new Muppets mockumentary show, but if the short previews I’ve seen are any indication, I’m in for such a treat! The autumn television season always has me brimming with excitement, and this year’s line-up is no exception; the Muppet’s Tuesday night comedy is only one of many shows I can’t wait to watch. For those, like me, who didn’t catch last week’s premiere, the premise of the series is simple, following Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the other Muppets in their personal lives. Reviews of the pilot have been mixed – some critics complain that it’s “too dark” for Henson’s iconic characters – but I think Kermit and company will do well with the adult storylines. Will you be watching this fall?

Boden Winter Line Boden’s Winter Line What’s a Love List without a Boden mention?! My favorite clothing company has had a busy past few weeks, as they not only revealed their winter products, but they also debuted the limited edition Icons collection. In other words? I was made one happy girl. It was a difficult process, but I narrowed down my favorite items from the Johnnie B rollout to share above.

First up is the colorful Festive Sweater, perfect for the holiday season and snow days alike {the comfy aspect is just an added plus}. I own so many tees simply because I can’t resist a good illustrated graphic, like the grid of stylish hairstyles in the New Graphic T-Shirt. Moving to the bottom, plaid screams for colder weather, making the Carina Dress an obvious addition to my bag. Finally, a girl can never have too many striped tops, especially ones with a subtle shimmer á la the Natalie Breton. It’s a good thing I have a Boden giftcard to spend! Do you like any of the new pieces?

Ryan Adams 19893 ♥ Ryan Adams’ 1989 I, like almost every other person on the planet, fell in love with Taylor Swift’s pop-infused album 1989 last year, playing her catchy songs {Shake It Off is still my favorite} on repeat. Now, I have new tracks to obsess over with the recent release of Ryan Adams’ cover album. I was hesitant when I first heard of the collaboration, but upon my first listen, it’s clear I shouldn’t have worried; it’s so very well-done. Each song is a terrific interpretation of Taylor’s own hits, and he brings a haunting beauty to the lyrics. Another instant classic? I sure think so.

The Intern Movie4 ♥ The Intern Just as with television, it seems there is so much to watch on the big screen during this time of year as well! My sister and I have a long list of films we can’t wait to see in the coming months, from the newly-reimagined Peanuts movie to Carey Mulligan’s feminist drama, Suffragette. However, the first to come out was The Intern, starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. Director Nancy Meyer’s charming comedy follows the boss of an online fashion site and her new – and older! – intern, and I’m convinced it will be all sorts of cute. I just have to find a day to see it – let the season of popcorn-buying and movie-watching begin!

Fall Checklist{I love this fall checklist from Oh Happy Day}

5 ♥ Fall Finally, I find pleasure in any season, but I will always have a soft spot for the pleasant weather, flavorful recipes, and cozy sweaters of fall. Though I rush into the autumn season as soon as September hits, it’s nice that I can officially bake my pumpkin dishes and talk Halloween decorations without shame. Are you someone who loves or loathes fall?

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!


4 thoughts on “loving >> week 161

  1. I watched the first episode of the Muppets and I wasn’t very impressed. The adult content wasn’t as prominent as I had originally heard, but it just wasn’t as fun and colorful as the older shows and movies. (Also, according to Facebook, Miss Piggy and Josh Groban are going to fall in love in the next episode. Poor Josh.)

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