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Hello!Musical MoodboardsI love receiving a new book or a Boden package as much as the next person, but the present of an experience – a weekend trip to the city, tickets to a popular concert, or the chance to see a new musical – holds a different and, perhaps, a more special appeal. My family is no stranger to the gift of the theater; we take advantage of various birthdays and the holiday season to give one another tickets to professional productions, a tradition that has served this theater lover well.

Though we are quickly approaching December, this particular present actually hails from last Christmas: the opportunity to see Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on its national tour. The production kicked off in Rhode Island just last weekend, but only moments into the performance, I knew the wait was entirely worth it. To celebrate its first run around the country, I wanted to create a moodboard around the show and the iconic songwriter that inspired it. Before we begin, a quick reminder that the archives are always HERE to browse, especially if you’re in a musical mood.

BeautifulSources: Carole Writing / Carole King and Gerry Goffin / Beautiful Musical Poster source unknown / Carole Portrait / Album Cover / Record Photograph / {FYI: I tried my best to provide you with the most accurate and updated sources, but please let me know of any problems or mistakes!}

Carole King is most often recognized for her successful 1971 album, Tapestry, but she had a career in music long before then. Beautiful aims to share that story, opening in the late 1950’s when Carole sold her first song, setting her on a long, but rewarding, path of singing and songwriting. The show itself, a classic “biomusical,” debuted on Broadway in early 2014 and was an instant hit with all audiences.

As the musical honors King’s career, I hoped to do the same with the moodboard. Images of Carole at work, whether by herself or with her longtime partner and once-husband Gerry Goffin, seemed a natural fit, as I believe it was her persistence that led to her ultimate success. The show highlights a number of mid-century hits, a fact acknowledged by the picture of records, as well as the advancement of Carole’s popularity {I couldn’t resist the illustrated album cover and the sun-drenched portrait of Carole and her cats}. Finally, style and detail is as important to any production as the book and songs, so I finished this month’s moodboard with a poster advertisement that mimics the retro design found in the show’s set and costumes. What can I say? I like graphic design :)

Let’s discuss! Have you seen Beautiful: The Carole King Musical? Do you have a favorite Carole King song? Finally, did you know Carole made guest appearances on Gilmore Girls?! Fun stuff.

Have a lovely Thursday!


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