Font Freebies / 06


Font FreebiesYou know what can tire a girl out? The transition back to school after summer vacation. I only returned for two days, and already am I relishing my time at home during this long weekend! It will be a couple of weeks before I settle into my regular routine, so in the meantime, I’ll turn to a fun book {Pretending to Be Erica because I like a good heist novel} and new font downloads as rewards for plugging through my pre-calculus homework.

Below are some of my typeface finds as of late, from bold, kiddish letterforms to a mod, drop-shadow example. While they vary in style, one thing is for certain: a free font doesn’t mean a bad one! My favorite of the bunch is Cigarettes and Coffee – I love the rough handwritten style and the uppercase format – but LillyBelle, reminiscent of calligraphy, comes in at a close second. What fonts have you downloaded recently?

Font Freebies 06Cigarettes and Coffee / Walter Goes to America / Peas and Carrots / Rissa / Typoslab Irregular / Superlative

The title is in LillyBelle.

Have a lovely Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Font Freebies / 06

  1. I love this feature so dang much! I don’t know if I have said that before but say I’ll say it time again.
    Ah school! I feel you. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your long weekend! Good job with your calculus homework! 😆
    These fonts are simply wonderful 💋

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  2. FREE FONTS, YES. i have to say i’m a huge fan of walter goes to america. have always liked fonts that kinda emulate the paper cut out effect. also really love peas and carrots. these two would definitely make typing up my essays a lot more fun though i don’t know if my teachers would necessarily accept anything other than the usual times new roman haha. but thanks for sharing! always look forward to these posts :)

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    • Haha, I sneak in my favorite fonts as often as I can on school projects; they can definitely jazz up a PowerPoint presentation. Thank you for your sweet comment! :)


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